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Welcome to the sixth Really Pathetic News Network Game Review, circa 2/19/2005.

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The Sims 2 for the PC.
Submitted By, Atlas360

Hi, Atlas here to review TS2.
The Sims started a new type of game.
This new type of game allowed relationships to become the dominate factor of your character, you would cheer when your character got a promotion at a job, and you could brag to your friends that finally you bought that new expensive fridge.
This game had little violence, aside from the comical type, and allowed you to create a story you wanted. There was only one question on our minds as numerous expansion packs came pouring in... What is the next step?
Will Wright, the man who had this vision, shows us this next step in The Sims 2.
Comparing The Sims 2 to the earlier title is like comparing the Wright Brother's airplane to the jet fighter. The Sims original (dubbed TS or TS1 to some fans) was groundbreaking during its day but now with our technology as it is, the old game just does not have the same punch it did. The Sims 2 (TS2) leapfrogs what the predecessor has accomplished.
Here are a few new things that TS2 offers gamers:
Movie Making ability:
Now you can record your sim's actions on video AVI files and compile them with an outside program to create a movie! You can record with or without sound and under varying degrees of quality.
Story Making:
TS1 had a photo album and some people put their pictures online with a story behind it. That was great for those who love to write out romance or life stories, now TS2 does the same but with a better camera option and the ability to package your photo album to the main site at to show off your story.
New Architectural advances:
The lakes and pools of TS1 were nice but now they have been upgraded in the looks department. The water looks like water instead of a blue puddle on the screen, there is layers of depth in lakes.
The buildings of TS1 were two story at best; in TS2 you can have a basement, ground floor, two floors above that, and with the new roof options you can live on a tile roof.
The game camera allows you to see everything in three dimensions. No more isometric views for these players, you can look inside the house just like the Sims do or move your camera up and see it from the sky. There is an added "Cameraman mode" where all the controls of the game are hidden and you can maneuver with your keyboard to reach places you normally cannot under normal mode. Cameraman mode works great for
those movie makers and photography fans.
This is the meat of the review. The gameplay has changed a lot since TS1 and for those who never played the original prepare to be blown away.
Your Sims can now show facial expressions, their eyes light up with excitement or fear, they smile when happy, shocked when suprised, and cry when a loved one dies.
Speaking of death, there are many ways to die in this game. Electrocution, fire, hunger, flies, old age, drowning, fright, accidents with machinery, and various other ways allow the destructive (people like me) to torture their minions--er I mean Sims.
Life is also changed for your little people too, in TS1 you created the adult Sims and they could have children but everyone was static. No one grew up, no one died of old age, and there could not be any grandchildren.
TS2 once again leapfrogs by being described as the generational simulation game. In TS2 your Sims can grow up, age, have children, watch their kids have kids, play with grandchildren (or even great grandchildren), and eventually die.
Your Sims can even have conversations and relationships with the NPCs unlike the original game.
Upgrades to my Sims, what is new within them:
Age isn't the only new trick The Sims 2 has, there is much more. Your Sims now have the ability to have memories. First kisses, first words, children being born, marriage ceremonies (same sex and heterosexual), and yes they even remember the last time you cheated with the gardener!
They gossip, they flirt, they could have a conversation with the maid who saw you kissing the gardener and accidently pass that to the wife who will yell at you and divorce you. The lesson in TS2 is if you are going to have extra relationships you have to be careful. In TS1 I could have a Sim move from room to room kissing multiple women so long as the others don't enter the room I am performing the kiss.
In TS2 I tried that tactic and my Sim's wife burst into the kitchen and slapped him many times.
Assuming you actually want your Sims loyal they can reproduce. Female Sims become pregnant thanks to the men and male Sims can become pregnant if theyare abducted by aliens. There are stages in pregnancy, 3 Sim days total, and then you have a bundle of joy in your arms or maybe even twins!
The Sims 2 also allows digital DNA to pass along Sims. Remember that one Sim? You know who I am talking about, the one that was in the market yesterday. Yeah him, he's Jimmy Cramfield's grandchild. How do I know? Sheesh Jimmy was the only grey eyed Sim nearby and that chin was a dead give away, that kid has both on his face right now.
This review will keep some things in secret. I wouldn't give away everything right here There is one thing you should know about TS2 Sims now that is different from the original... they have hopes and fears.
Your Sims now can choose one of 5 Aspirations in life: Family, Romance, Wealth, Popularity, and Knowledge. Within these goals are small or big wants along with small or big fears, everything from please don't make me use a public toliet to I hope I have 5 grandchildren; your Sim's attitude and emotional health is in your hands. Anyone could have a everyday Sim but only a few can achieve the Sim who takes live by the splines and rides it!
In short this game is a MUST HAVE for the fans of the original. Those new to the Sim craze should get this because it is worth it and the first Expansion Pack, TS:University is out in March. This game has become a popular sensation and no one had to frag anyone or blow something up; all you have to do is live and that's all.
Soon Soon (Sim for bye bye) folks and Keep on Simming.

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