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Movie Review
Lady in the Water
By, Puns McKenna

Another Fantastic movie from M. Night Shyamalan. Lady in the Water explores fables and myths, proving that there really is still wonder in the world.

All around the apartment complex are residents, neighbors, and acquaintances. The world is filled with troubles, and this little slice is called The Cove. When building Superintendent Cleveland Heep (played by Paul Giamatti) rescues a young woman from the complex pool, lives begin to change. The young woman's name is Story (played by: Bryce Dallas Howard), and reveals that she comes from a place called Blue World.

As superintendent of this large complex, Cleveland has learned many things about the residents. The mystery surrounding this woman strikes a chord in him. He goes to the one person he believes can unravel it, Young-Soon Choi or rather her mother Mrs. Choi. After much capitulating and appeasing of honor, Mrs. Choi tells Cleveland a tale. A tale about Nymphs and monster and evil monkeys, a bedtime story from her youth.

Through this story, Cleveland learns that some myths are real, and he's living this one. The story states that every so often a special nymph is born, one that can engender vast creativity and resides in dominion over all other nymphs. Her job is keeping the balance of this world. Cleveland discovers that there are some very special people amongst the tenants, and he has to awaken them to their powers so that they can aid Story in her work.

She is supposed to leave with a Great Eaglon but there are other forces, forces of evil, trying to stop her. These evil creatures are called Tartutics. They're like large dogs crossed with hyenas. They're green with grass-like fur covering their backs, so they can hide near water.

If you like mythos and fantasy, this movie is a must see. M. Night Shyamalan has done a fantastic job. He not only wrote and directed this film, but he also plays Vick Ran, visionary writer with a terrible case of writer's block. Rent this one today, it's worth it.

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