Past Weekly Wisdom

Seeking a bit of unusual wisdom? Well it couldn't get more so than here. Well anyhoo here they are.

"Mangos, the fruit of the mole people." - 10/5/03 "A shoe in hand is a stinky way to use your footwear." - 10/14/03

"Fish today, Sushi tomorrow." -10/19/03 "I am what i am and that's what i plan or rye am what i yam what i spam in a can?" - 10/29/03

"Are men not mice if we have wiskers and eat cheese?" - 11/3/03

I once knew a man with a wooden leg named smith and ironically he didn't name the other one. 11/11/03.

I mock your cheese danish and all it stands for. 11/23/03. Freedom is a word we wouldn't sell for a can of worms. 12/3/03

Artichoke is a art you poke. 12/15/03

Christmas and Hanukkah work well together. Those who celebrate christmas go bankrupt and those who celebrate hanukkah have a happy new year. 12/24/03

It's not the thought that counts if money is involved. 1/2/04 Go tell it on the mountain because the hill is already taken. 1/13/04

Voting for young people is like using iodine for aftershave. 1/23/04 Paper or plastic is not just a choice, it's a way of life. 2/2/04

Jimmy cracked corn and suzy made the bread. 2/10/04 Even though the hairs on your head are numbered, your chest is not uncounted. 2/24/04

Why run the mile if you can take the bus? 3/3/04 Jump if you must, but stand if you can't cut the mustard. 3/13/04

Beep Beep goes the heart monitor. 3/23/04 If i were a rich man i wouldn't be singing about being poor. 3/30/04

No more milk when the cow has little hay! 4/14/04- Go west young man, the east is full of yankees. 4/22/04.

Take me out to the ball game and don't forget to wash your jockstrap. 5/3/04 Honk the horn and I will teach you sign language. 5/19/04

Sleep is a state of mind those deep in study strive for. 5/31/04 Don't rock the boat if you want to stay away from the pirranahs. 6/17/04

Only those respect sacrifice will be the ones who are really celebrating. 7/1/04

Finding yourself cannot be done if you are not looking within. 7/10/04 The bigger the vehicle, the smaller the owner. 7/16/04

If the 2004 election is too much like the 2000 I may just vote for mickey mouse. 7/24/04

If a bug hits your windshield you should not try to lick it off. 7/31/04 If you can't stand the fish, don't eat the caviar. 8/7/04

Show me man who cannot shut his pie hole and I will show you a baker. 8/23/04

The only thing that seperates a congressman from a pile of crap is the pile of crap is good for something. 8/29/04

There is no muffin man. 9/18/04 Flip a quarter two tens, five. Flip a dollar, four quarters jive. 9/25/04

Mommas don't let your children grow up to be politicians....there's enough dirt in washington already. 10/4/04

Good golly miss molly where did you get that blue dress? 10/16/04 Washington broke the common sense button. 10/26/04

You see, it really does come down to football. Sometimes you're on a great roll. Things are lined up the way you want them to be, plans you've made come to fruition, life works. But then you have times when, for no reason aside from an oversight somebody else makes, you find yourself in a position to turn it into something successful for you. But then when you're backed up against the wall, you consider whether it's time to punt or not. And then the other guys swarm you, you drop the ball, and you're just boned at that point. (Peter Smith) 11/15/04 ____________________Ham is not a substitue for cold snow. 12/7/04

"It seems as though rotting corpses squish, they don't pop.." quote by Blasty Mcnasty 1/10/05

"Just because I rhyme doesnt mean you have to kick me a dime,But i will take that corvette your pimping." quote by, Foxx Ital. 1/17/05

"spam isn't a bad thing -- it helps to keep your inbox full and busy-looking" quote by, Carniverous Bean. 1/24/05

"Ephinay #7: Sagacity is wasted on the old." quote by, Lanceman. 1/31/05.

"Beware the marsupial that asks you to pull his finger." quote by, Rage Jaguar. 2/7/05 "My hat! My hat! Curse you sam I am!." 2/19/05

Show me a man who cannot make a pizza and I'll show you a chinease buffet. 2/26/05

I was going to say something grand, but then I realized that the Internet is just one giant ego stroke. And I feel humble today.  Quote by, Peter Smith. 3/5/05

Show me a man who can predict your future and I'll laugh at your display of ignorance. 3/13/05

We all have freedom, we're taught that in school. Every sheep may vote for a shepherd. 3/21/05 Quote by, Deathshadow.

I have no idea what to come up with. Quote by, Motown Scrapper 3/26/05

Never pet a burning dog, especially if your hands are covered in gasoline. Quote by, Cozmic. 4/10/05. I can't feel my epidermis. 4/17/05.

Democrats, screw them. Rebuplicans, screw them too. Independents, the chubby kids of the political playground. By, Atlas3060. 4/23/05

Sadly enough, I can't think of anything right now. Give me a little bit to stop thinking. By, Black Phoenix 5/1/05 Bippity bloopity blaablity agga hamma. 5/8/05

If confronted by a large wall of fish, whatever you do, do not let them see the tartar sauce. By, Eric Allen. 5/15/05

Never say your dead, if you are not dead yet. 5/24/05 Hi High Low lo me mi go gogh. 5/31/05 Swedish wisdom is an oxymoron. Quote by, Cozmic 6/11/05

"Our bombs are smarter than the average high school student. At least they can find Kuwait. " Quote by, A. Whitney Brown. (found by officer mac) 6/19/05

"Love is like a bowl of frosted cheerios.... sure the whole grain tastes good...but the frosted are awsome!" 6/30/05

"If only fools fall in love, then I'm a jester in the kings court." 7/9/05

"Sometime's you just gotta pull the pin on the metaphorical handgrenade and throw it.." Quote by, Cozmic. 7/19/05

"It's like getting jiggy is the plothole of the modern era." 7/26/05 "Greenland has no army... " Quote by, Nebfer. 8/13/05

"Sourness is a warm lemon." 8/21/05 "Life sucks, well actually the gas tank beats it to that right now" Quote by, Atlas3060. 8/29/05

"Change is scarey..... especially dimes." Quote by, Hawkie. 9/12/05 "Read my text....I like big quotes and I cannot lie...." 9/20/05

"You can't handle the quote." 9/28/05 "If you're stomach is eating you, feed it" Quote by, Cozmic. 10/8/05



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