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Past sports article for the week of 3/26/05

The Dance Dance Revolution Revolution
By Grey Sports

With the recent announcement that computerised chess and anything involving a games console and volleyball qualifies as a sport arcade owners have been quick to turn to their own resources in a continuing bid for social legitimacy.
The arcade game Dance Dance Revolution does not use familiar controls, instead utilising a platform of buttons that are stomped on in a series of modern dance steps.
Considering the athletic needs of this game arcade owners now claim that this should be recognised as a sport, going as far as initiating plans for a world wide Dance Dance Revolution tournament.
This is a long-term matter that hinges on several things, the first being a crucial decision as to whether the competitors should be in teams or individuals. Arguments for the former cite the potential artistry in synchronised Dance Dance Revolution, similar to that of synchronised swimming.
Most argue that this is purely an artistic arrangement, and the nature of sports is to be competitive, therefore it is the individual that should compete. However this does not entirely rule out the possibility of teams being formed of individual competitors, such as those in vehicular racing.
Naturally there is some concern that this is yet another step towards diluting the true meaning of sport, and the once athletic concerns will be replaced by far more sedate events, or simply something that pleases the viewers eye.
Arcade owners are quick to point out that this is not a truly sedate event and does have some links to existing sports. The game is after all Dance Dance Revolution, and several dances have been elevated to the level of sports. Additionally gymnastics also shares elements that allow supporters to argue in favour of Dance Dance Revolution.
Furthermore no one is yet implying that Dance Dance Revolution should be made into an Olympic sport. Such an event is years in the making by the reckoning of even the most ambitious of fans.
Nevertheless the fear of sports being diluted further is a concern, with ongoing attempts to codify or in some way limit what can be defined as a sport.
Arcade owners have so far stayed away from that argument, pouring their strengths and resources into building up Dance Dance Revolution and the next sporting craze, a distinct possibility since Extreme Sports have lost popularity, due mostly to people not wanting to be that active.
Overlooked in this whole affair is one key element: Participants.
Audience, merchandising, venue, these are already set, however as yet there has been no word yet as to how participants would be attracted to compete should Dance Dance Revolution be made a sport.
Considering those who enjoy the game convincing them to be the centre of attention in a stadium might not be all that hard.


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