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Mixed reactions to the 2016 Olympics
By Cozmic

With Brazil's Rio De Janeiro beating out first Chicago, then Tokyo and finally Madrid in the competition of hosting the 2016 Olympics, reactions around the world are mixed, from the complete and utter rage that is Smogville, Illinois, to the “oh, good for you” emotions of some people in London.
Yes, to put it simply, and perhaps a bit crudely, Chicago is absolutely pissed. Even more so now that I referred to them as “Smogville,” I would assume. Because really, Chicago says, why have the Olympics in a South American country with a lot of beautiful weather and warmth when you can have it in considerably chillier Chicago? Although, admittedly, Chicago might not be worse off spending all that money on a Stadium and stuff than Rio De Janeiro could be.
Meanwhile, most African countries went “don't care” and went back to their business, North Korea briefly looked up from trying to build some more nuclear weapons, South Korea decided discussing it for five minutes was a great break from worrying about impending nuclear doom and China quickly censored the Internet so the Olympics only happened once in 2008.
Japan has decided that creating a cyborg samurai Gundam (how do you go about making a cyborg Gundam anyway?)to either win the entire Olympics or commit seppuku would be a great way to show that they should have been allowed to host. They could have handed out giant Gundam statues as gold medals and have one holding the torch, it would have been spectacular.

Of course, not all people are indifferent or absolutely furious about the Olympic Committee's decision. In fact, the Olympic Committee is quite proud of itself., and Sweden is already happy about being able to do terribly in a South American country, especially one with so much history as Rio De Janeiro, and also suspect that since the decision was made in Denmark, the Olympic Committee wanted something entirely different from the cold country they were already in.
The rest of Europe in general however is on a “not much to care about” basis, except for London being all “Well, fun for them, really. I say, good chap, one day we shall have some sort of major sports event around here, but until then, how about a nice game of cricket, old chum?” and, despite this being London, an incredibly noisy metropolis, albeit an ancient one, there was still the sounds of crickets chirping and somehow even a tumbleweed managed to roll by. Strange how some phenomena always seem to work out when the world thinks it would just a tad bit more amusing, no?

For their part, all of Brazil decided to have a giant superfest that was still going strong last I checked, although admittedly only in basements and living rooms with people unable to party a whole lot more but still claiming that this was the best thing since last Sunday when they exported a new super star to the world of soccer, so at least someone is genuinely excited about this!

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