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Nevada Water SportS a bigger deal than many think
By Puns McKenna
Nevada is a desert, a high desert, but a desert nonetheless. So automatically, everyone assumes that we donít have enough water for water sports. Boy, are they wrong! We have several large bodies of water to have all sorts of water events on. Letís start with some of the smaller bodies of water that weíve got. Okay, we have the Sparks Marina. Thatís located in the city of Sparks, which is in the northern part of the state up near the capital. The Marina used to be a huge pit in the near industrial area of the city. It didnít become a body of water until the flood we had in 1997. Of course when it filled they had to use huge cranes to pull up the heavy earthmoving equipment that was down there.

Today, the Marina offers many water sports. You can Jet Ski, fish, rent a row boat, and even swim. Though I donít recommend the latter. Swimming in water that is contaminated by the seepage of gasoline is a sure-fire way to get one heck of a rash. Not the best example of places to hold water sports, but it does show that Nevadanís persevere.

We have other places that are better for water sports though. Thereís Lake Lahontan, Rye Patch Reservoir, Pyramid Lake, Walker Lake, Lake Tahoe(The Nevada Half), Topaz Lake, and the Truckee River. We have plenty of places to hold water events like Kayaking, Water Skiing, Jet ski racing, Speed boats, Fishing the West style competitions, etc. You want to know the ironic thing, though? The events that we get sponsorship have nothing to do with water. Itís always off road racing or the Air Races. Frankly itís frustrating.

One of our most precious resources in being refused its rightful place in the sports world, and it isnít fair. We can have water sports just like anyone else. We arenít all about snow, dirt, and wide, open spaces, afterall. Why canít we exploit ALL of our natural resources? Weíd like to have speed boat races here, but none of the sponsors will come. No pocket fishermen, no BassMasters, no special water craft sponsors.

It seems a shame to me that one of our most important resources isnít getting the attention it deserves. I mean think of all the money that could be made from all those tourists weíd get. It would be like when we have motocross exhibitions, or when Bowling comes to town, or even Golf. Weíd get a lot of business in the little junk shops as well as the casinos and restaurants. It would make us the money that we need to have a lucrative economy. Like I said, it just seems a shame that something so abundant would be wasted.

Basketball B-Team Broadcast

By, Grey Action (As featured in the RPP Video Update)

The world of sports was shocked today when the owners of the New York Knicks basketball team announced that they were coming up short on cash and would be forced to employ drastic measures to see their beloved team continue.
While the main team and principle, that is most moneymaking, reserves will be untouched, the backup, or B-team, will be hired out as mercenaries doing odd jobs for beleaguered civilians.
The wellbeing of the B-team is of little concern as it is expected that their foes will be easily dispatched using ordinary vehicles covered with metal sheeting, loud noises and poor marksmanship.
Mr T or A-Team fame is reportedly ready to sue the Knicks owners for copyright infringement, as the B-Team was the name of a shortlived sitcom spinoff of the A-Team starring Mr T as a single father in New York splitting his time between solving murders and curing his cybernetic daughterís anorexia.


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