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Olympic Makeoverís by Hannah Montana.
By Puns McKenna

Want to look the part for Bejing? Just ask Miley Cyrus. She knows what style is all about. The young singer/song writer/actress has taken it upon herself to aid the Olympic athletes in looking good for all of the televised events in Bejing.

So far no one has disputed these surprising makeovers. Of course that could be because they like the wild styles in both hair and clothing. Ms. Cyrus, known for her flashy boots and glittering ensembles, has begun sharing her style tips. U.S. Swimmer Samantha Peszek has really taken to Mileyís style. In her latest interview she was seen sporting a Hannah Montana hair style and flashy Go-Go boots with her Olympic gear. The general consensus among reporters is that the new look is really doing something for the U.S. Olympic image.

What Iíd like to know is why the heck sex appeal, which is what all of this image junk amounts to, is even being considered a part of the Olympics? I mean I thought the Olympics were supposed to be about sports not popularity or sex appeal. But I suppose if weíre going to have politicians competing in the games, we should have the Hollywood sex appeal too.

Itís a proven fact that raw sex appeal makes more people sit up and take notice. But wonít the new look of the athletes take away from the sports themselves? I mean there isnít much that can compete with the Hollywood sex appeal, but that isnít why I watch the Olympics. Iíve always wanted to watch the worldís top athletes compete to see whoís best. I mean does anyone remember Jim Thorpe or Glenn Scoby ďPopĒ Warner? Back then it was all about the sports.

Isnít that what itís supposed to be about, the sports? Are sex appeal or image really competitive sports? Has the world of sports really changed enough to where makeovers and sex appeal are the forerunners? Whether the sports world has really changed that much or not, the world at large has changed that much. It has become a place where people like Miley Cyrus make a difference in the appearance of others. So donít be too surprised when you see all of the Hannah Montana replicas at the Beijing Olympics.


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