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Cuba Gooding Junior: Actor and Olympic Wannabe
By Grey Sports

The upcoming Beijing Olympics is becoming a bigger stir all the time, and less and less so about the sports for it.
High ranking politicians, captains of industry, celebrity athletes and even celebrities themselves all want a piece of the action.
No one could have guessed that it would be Cuba Gooding Junior who would lower the bar to such a degree that now the 2008 Olympic Games look cheap and shabby.
The term cheap and shabby now applies to Gooding too. Once a star he has had a perilously quiet career in recent years after a spate of Disney movies. Not even two leaked sex tapes and a one off date with Courtney Love could undo the damage a reputation as a family friendly actor can do.
Desperate bids to stay in the limelight have produced little or nothing in the way of press for the actor. Even spray painting his buttocks purple on top of the Lincoln Memorial did little more than annoy people because of his excessive use of the word “Bawiddywawa,” during the event.
Where most celebrities by this point would have gotten arrested, gone into rehab or gotten married in a desperate attempt to regain the limelight Gooding has decided to cash in on the Beijing Olympics.
The poor Chinese officials, not knowing how low the man was on the fame totem pole, readily agreed to include him, thinking he would be yet another celebrity to relay the Olympic flame or hand out the medals.
Cuba Gooding Junior, taking this permission as carte blanch to initiate his own bid for sporting stardom, offering his athletic services to anyone willing to let him on the team.
That’s right, he’s so desperate he’s going to do it for free.
A lot of nations are looking sideways over this, like many celebrities Gooding has become something of a world resident, and is, even at this low point of his career, considered a citizen of the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, Pakistan and Florida, affording him many options in competing for the gold medal.
If anyone would take him.
Low ebb or not he is still a celebrity and rejecting him outright could have repercussions, so each nation is trying to pass the buck until one of them is left holding Cuba Gooding Junior.
Seemingly oblivious to this game of hot potato, with himself as the potato, Gooding is in high spirits, even promising that he will get a movie deal out of this event one way or another.
Who would want this? Who could possibly benefit? What sort of story beginning like this could possibly end well?
Apparently Fox thinks it’s going to be great, and has offered Cuba Gooding Junior a movie deal to star as himself through this entire ordeal win, lose or draw.
Presigned already is Jada Pinkett-Smith as the love interest and John Travolta as Gooding’s mother.


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