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Presidential Hopefuls Offer Olympic Torch A Pass
By, Grey Politics

Even as Barak Obama is suggesting that President George W. Bush not attend the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony in protest for their human rights record (something no one believes will go gold, let alone the multiplatinum the Chinese are hoping for) he, along with fellow dogged race runners Hilary Clinton and John McCain, are offering a perverse sort of lifeline to the beleaguered Olympic torch, attempting to run it’s way through the world in an effort to peacefully get this over with.
The overly ambitious route for the torch was to have it pass through every continent on Earth aside from the two lost, one hidden and one slightly misplaced continents. Plans were made that included an Antarctic leg, though that has been dropped after the latest spat in Tibet.
Chinese officials had hoped for a PR boost but instead have entered a minefield, though in all fairness even with their history no one expected the French to surrender over a torch and some protestors.
San Francisco was no better, while avoiding extinguishing the flame the route was changed and both protestors and supporters were enraged. While city officials were in on this one most of the ire of both sides is directed at China.
With what is expected to be the worlds biggest economy gagging for help without actually asking several have sought to position themselves to assist what could be a very grateful rich person.
Who better than the Presidential nominees.
While Obama was first off the mark it is possible that John McCain’s offer to run the torch is more likely to happen.
Not only would McCain gain Chinese friendship and kudos he would also prove that even at 70 plus years of age he is capable running a considerable distance, and be able to provide Presidential Hopeful grade security to the whole affair, well known for knocking back protestors since the 60’s.
This political trifecta must make him very appealing to the Chinese as a form of all hands washing each other and themselves.
Obama of course as the bright young hopeful is not without his charms. These are the sorts of things that may, at a long shot, disarm or disburse protestors as they are unwilling or unable to tarnish the aura of the golden boy, and at the very least hold them at an orderly distance rather than smothering the flame.
Hilary Clinton, her campaign rapidly becoming the red headed stepchild of Washington, has less to offer than either of her opponents, neither liked nor respected enough to hold back protestors, possibly inviting some of her own and totally unable to prove anything just by running with a torch she offers nothing to the Chinese and gains nothing beyond reminding people that she’s still in the race.
It was Barak Obama’s suggestion first, with that in mind he is probably first choice. Sadly it may be too much of a stretch for Obama, simply because it looks like one too many records to try and break.
Already he is the first serious African American presidential nominee, he may become the first African American president. But if he somehow does become an official torch runner and manages to fend off protestors then he will also become the first Black man to be running away with something and not be stopped with “necessary force” by the cops.
That may just be pushing things a little too far.


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