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Thoughts from Nevada:
And Here We Have It
By, Puns McKenna

It’s that time again sports fans. That’s right, it’s March Madness time. And man is the NCAA in an uproar. Every year the fans ask for the top seeds in the league and rarely get more than one or two. Well this year we get nine!
I’m sure you’ve all been tracking the news, reading about the top eight schools. We have North Carolina, UCLA, Kansas, Memphis, Duke (eliminated), Texas, Tennessee, and Georgetown (eliminated) champing at the bit. Everyone wants the honor of being the ones to make it through the playoffs. Now the Top, absolute top four, are really pulling a lot of weight. Duke, UCLA, Kansas, and North Carolina have been the head honchos for years. And with twenty titles among them that’s saying something.

Then we get into the not so much small fish as the underdogs. Georgetown only has one title, and Texas is hoping to win its first. And to top it all off we have the three upstarts. That’s right, I said three upstarts. Tennessee and Memphis you all know. They’ve been ranked Number One for the season. But have you ever heard of Midget Tech? Midget who? Midget Tech. home of the Ankle Biters.

The Ankle Biters have been relatively unknown for years, but now they’ve earned a chance to prove their mettle. After gnawing their way up from the bottom of the totem pole, they’ve finally reached the top. Ranked Number One in their division these boys have proven that size does not matter. These fellows are all on the short side topping out somewhere around four feet six inches.

I can tell you this. You’ve never seen just how much of an advantage being short can be in basketball until you see these guys play. In one game they dribbled a player dressed in orange and black just to confuse the other team so their team could make the basket. The ploy worked but at great cost. After the game, it’s reported, the other team was so mad at being bamboozled that they were waiting in the parking lot. The incident happened early in the Ankle Biters’ history, but they did learn from it. Never make the taller basketball players angry.

With their pranks and jokes behind them the team started winning more of their games. Now they’ve successfully climbed this far up the ladder. But one has to wonder just how well the would really do against their peers. Will they resort to the old tactics? Will they cheat to get their way to the top of the food chain? Or will they play on the up and up winning this thing fair and square? We’ll just have to wait and see how the March Madness plays out, won’t we? Wait and see if this Cinderella story comes as true as the original. Wait and see if they get all dressed up for the ball or if they need a fairy Godmother to help along the way.


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