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Swearing girl goes for Gold
By, Puns McKenna

I was walking home from the school bus with my son. He’s in first grade and there are a number of fourth, fifth, and sixth graders that also ride his bus. So, I’m walking home with him from the bus and we’re talking about swearing and how it isn’t a good thing to do. From behind us, at least a city block away, I hear clear as a bell one of the sixth graders that rides his bus. She is swearing like a drunken sailor on shore leave in Germany. Truth to tell, a lot of what she was saying would likely make the aforementioned sailor blush to the roots of his scrubby hair.
I looked sideways at my son, not too hard since he’s a little more than half my height. Anyhow I looked at him and asked, is that what you want to sound like? And I swear the girl must’ve heard me talking, because the next thing I know she’s gotten louder and the scorn dripping from her foul words was amazing. I was trying to explain that, proper ladies and gentlemen didn’t swear like that in fact they don’t swear at all If they gave out medals for swearing, this girl would have taken the gold. This is what one of her statements sounded like. I will bleep the expletives for proprieties sake.
"That bleepin bleep had better never bleepin bleep with my brother again. Bleepin bleepety bleep bleep! I’ll show that bleepin bleep what it’s all about. Bleepin bleep!"
Talk about a foul mouth. I know that the two local police officers that drove passed my son and I had to have heard the girl and her friend trading expletive laced conversation bits. I wouldn’t be half surprised if they stopped to talk to the girls, but once the cops were gone, the conversation started back up again. AND it got WORSE! It was almost as if she wanted to prove just how bad she could be. I was appalled to say the least. I’m not saint by any means, but I was NEVER that bad. Her friend might have been the winner of a silver medal based on the lower level of cussing she did. My youngster may have garnered the bronze based solely on the fact that he had used the foul words that he’d picked up from the kids on the bus, but I doubt he was even able to compete.
But this girl… maybe twelve years old… swears worse than a drunken sailor. Her ability might make Attila the Hun blush. Heck, she’d take the gold from Hannibal Lecter. Maybe we should start limiting our children’s sport choices? I mean I don’t want to even contemplate the level of skill that these kids try to acquire.
And this girl was ... wow! she was bad.


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