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The Search for Atlantis XVII: Holy Funky Elephants
By, Grey Exploration (Continued from Christmas Special)

I donít know what the hell is going on anymore.
We tried to take down the Christmas lights a few days ago. Sounds simple right? That was until someone asked where they were plugged into. We have three generators and a solar battery thing because the whole environmental fad at the moment, and not a single light was plugged into these energy sources.
What we should have done is simply go out and remove all the lights, letting whoever plugged them in unplug them and let that be that.
Oh wondrous hindsight.
So what did we do? All the trekkies, moneybags, myself and a few of the local labourers who have been doing the heavy lifting gathered around what appeared to be a wall socket with the lights plugged in.
Now I say looked like. If it was a power point then it had another one below it, you know, typical dual set up. The key differences were that there were four points, two at an angle, two parallel, otherwise looking fine.
With a little innovation someone had managed to adapt a power plug into one of these things to get the lights going.
Once again with hindsight I say that we probably should have left well enough alone, or at the very least simply pulled the plug and taken a good long look at things, with the goal of trying to figure out if the inhabitants of this place we think of as Atlantis had power appliances.
We most certainly did not do that.
What we did do was take a couple of sledgehammers to the wall to find the wiring or Atlantis equivalent.
Now up until now the only trigger or switch weíve found is something that opens a section of floor into a slide that takes people on a ride to the river. Nothing major, possibly not even a deathtrap, just a method of garbage disposal.
Apparently if we smash down walls we trigger quite a few things. What appear to be armoured plates close off the windows and doorways, all ceilings drop by two feet, random walls come up and some sort of weird music plays.
Canít quite place it, sort of a cross between bagpipes and bass guitar.
But right now weíre isolated from each other. With a rare spark of forethought we all carried radios, and what we think has now happened is that the portions of the ruins still standing have reset themselves as a sort of labyrinth, possibly as a security procedure, also possibly to enforce a no user serviceable parts warranty on the place.
Yeah it sounded like a dumb idea to me too until I took a good look at the tower Iíve been put in.
Some of us are thinking Minotaur, some are going Alice and Wonderland, more than a few are thinking AvP.
Put me in the latter, with the writers strike Hollywood is getting desperate to promote things to recoup losses.


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