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Past sports article for the week of 10/16/07

Some dudes on skates to win the Stanley Cup!
By, Cozmic

So the NHL season has gotten under way now, and everyone is asking themselves who will win that great cup of kings(not the Los Angeles Kings, since they just plain suck), who will lift the legendary trophy of being the best there is on a pair of skates (in America, anyway, internationally, you sort of have to be Swedish, since they have the Olympic gold -yes, I can still brag about it for three more years, SUCK IT CANADIANS!), the fantastic and awe-inspiring cup of Lord Stanley.

The Kings are already weeping their lack of hockey players and the inability to simply buy it at the store closest to where they can get surgery done, although I suppose I best not mock them too much or.. wait, they have no Swedes on the team, there's no way they'll find me, I can mock them however I want! However, it is unfair to kick a team when they're down, and they could sort of almost get some place this year.
Sort of like the Ducks.

Now, not being associated with Disney and dropping the Mighty in your name apparently does wonders for your team, and until the play-off's, which they might not make unless they start winning again, the Ducks are free to enjoy the ability to be cup-holders all that they want, and say that they never could have done it if it were for Michael Eisner.
However, the Ducks did lose to the Red Wings recently, and Samuel Pahlsson (actually it is Påhlsson, but that will probably look screwy in your browser) might be Swedish, but while a skilled player, he is not the greatest of the greatest. He does however have the cool advantage of having won both the Olympic gold medal and the Stanley Cup, same as one of those Canadian Niedermayer dudes the Ducks also have playing for them.

Another man that has won the Stanley Cup and the Olympic Gold (twice) is Peter Forsberg, currently being tugged around like a ragdoll without a team. Understandable, since yes, he is that good, but all that tugging will probably give him another really scary injury. At least he won't have any problems with his spleen, seeing as he has had it removed. In other words, do not count on Sweden's more or less hero to win the Stanley Cup yet again.

A team that according to Pete Cugno will never win the Stanley Cup is the Ottawa Senators, but after eighty years they might stand a chance and despite having a pretty weird name, they still manage to win games. And yes, they do have a Swede in their team, and a lot of Canadians. And a web page in French, which means they should probably try and stay away from roughing, those long penalties really mess up your game. Especially if you don't even win the fight.

The 5-games undefeated Minnesota Wild looks pretty good, until you see their logo or generally expect anything. Because however good you think you are, in the end you get beaten up by some no good team like the Kings or the Atlanta Thrashers. It is the inevitable fate of all hockey teams. It is also inevitable that all blame will fall on the goalie and the coach, which is why you should play center or forward or be Nicklas Lidstrom or something.

In other words, the Stanley Cup could be more or less wide-open. Maybe Ottawa will finally win again, maybe Toronto has a chance and maybe, just maybe, the Blackhawks won't suck. Only one thing is somewhat certain, that some guys on skates will probably win. Unless that gorilla in a tutu finally gets drafted.


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