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Past sports article for the week of 9/16/07

XXIVth Annual World Professional Dance Championships

By, Puns McKenna

Dateline- Las Vegas

This morning finds the ballrooms packed. Dancers from all over the world are beginning their warm-up exercises, practicing routines, steps, moves, and working the bugs out of their dance numbers. The Couples are hot, and it isnít even time for the competition yet. After this morningís practices, sparks were seen flying between Schumacher and Grubbleman, the couple from New Zealand. It is unknown what the couple was arguing over this morning, but rumors have it they were arguing over a breakfast danish. The couple was seen again, sometime later, arguing in front of their hotel room.

Artists are said to be temperamental, but when dancerís egos collide itís like a train wreck. You just canít look away. And surprising enough, it was worth watching. The couple started out arguing in their native tongue of Maori. According to translators the insults were really flying, everything from professional criticisms to insulting the otherís mother. The golden-haired pair were soon locked together in some sort of physical battle, shortly after the fight began. Strangely this was so choreographed that it did not even seem violent. It wasnít until the twoís mother came out of a room down the hall that it was revealed they were dancing.

By this time, spectators had gathered in the hall. Several of the competitionís judges were present, and could be heard exclaiming at the coupleís fluid grace. One judge was heard telling their mother that if they were this good in the competition that evening, they had a good chance of advancing to the finals the following evening. The woman was said to immediately turn to the siblings and began coaching them in proper arguments.

Later this evening as the dancing competition kicked off with the one-step competition, the couple was again seen arguing and laughing. It would seem they figured out that sibling rivalry brought more passion to their performance. As they hit the floor to twinkle their toes in the International Latin category, they had fire flashing from their eyes, and that certain pizzazz that brings life to the dance. They werenít just competing with the other dancers; they were competing with each other. For one dance, they even manage to switch who was leading, mid-dance. The more verve and imagination they put into the dance, the more the audience cheered.

They won the competition category and were asked for an encore performance.


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