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Past sports article for the week of 7/17/07

Little League: Spectator Sport or Gabfest?
By, Puns McKenna

In the early years of the fine American institution, man gathered to hit a leather ball around with a long stick. Baseball has always been a way to bring people together. In the Thirties kids would gather to enjoy a day of fun in the sun, tossing around a ball.

Now we have structured leagues for those kids to compete in. It’s called Little League, but I have to wonder. Is it little League baseball, or is it Little League socialization? In the local League here, we have separate and distinct groups. We have those that are there to help the kids learn how to play ball; the group that only wants to sit and watch; and then there’s the last group. This group goes to practice, games, and events to socialize with other people and let the sport/other participants, take care of their kid(s).

I’ll try not to wax too philosophical but I always thought Little League was for the kids to play ball and the parents to be interested, involved, and proud. I mean what’s the matter with going to a game to have fun and watch your kids compete? Instead they’ve created a whole new lingo. Where they say, “I my son/daughter has a game.” What they really mean is “I have a social gathering to attend. We’re going to sit around and pretend that we’re watching the game while we’re really just going to sit around and converse and snipe at others.

Whoever it was that said baseball is a spectator’s sport obviously didn’t have this in mind. Makes me wonder if the symbols for baseball shouldn’t be changed into little lips that move or various pictures of people talking. Personally I prefer to be one that’s there and involved in the game, not the stands. Gossipy old hens are better left on the farm, don’t you think? Next time you’re at a game, whatever the sport. Take a gander around the stadium at just how many people are actually watching the game, and how many people are just gabbing away the time. It’s amazing what you find.


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