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Past sports article for the week of 5/31/07

The Colors Controlling Life :

Case File: Red, White, & Blue

By, Puns McKenna

Children's sports as we know aren't really competitive until we get to the true league's right? Well that's true enough, but here's a question for you all. Are they also good places to disguise patriotism? Let's take a look at my son's current t-ball team. This year he plays for the Greater Sun Valley Cal Ripkin League. That's right, this year we have actual uniforms. Shockaroo let me tell you. So he's on the Indians. That's right, the Indians. And what color do you think their uniforms are?

Red… White… and Blue…

Let me draw some parallels here and see if you can come to some of the same conclusions. The uniforms are Red, White, and Blue. The team is the Indians. You know after the Cleveland Indians. We all know where the Cleveland Indians get their insignia; Native American Indians. Now let's look at the sport itself. The sport in this case is baseball or rather beginner's baseball that's right, the All-American sport.

So you tell me that they aren't trying to hide patriotism inside the sports out children play. They sing the National Anthem at the beginning of baseball games, right? They raise the flag? Yep! Sounds to me like they are trying to promote patriotism subliminally. Is there anything wrong with that? Not so far as this red-blooded American is concerned.

Apparently, this proves that not all; subliminal uses of color are bad. But I wonder. Should they really be pushing stuff like this in Children's sports? Minor and Major League sports I can see. But little league; T-ball? Are we trying to reform the masses? Are we trying to teach a younger generation that patriotism isn't wrong? Personally I think we are and what better place to do it than in children's sports.

Children's minds are physiologically easy to impress knowledge upon. And sports players are receptive because they don't really pay attention at the young ages. Yet when they get older and into the more "important" leagues. The subliminal training has been firmly ingrained and they take pride in it.

So I say huzzah to the subliminal patriotism. Teach em while they're young and they will take pride in their great nation when they get older. A neat piece of human interest for all of you: Baseball players are less likely to commit unpatriotic acts and crimes against the state.


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