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Past sports article for the week of 4/12/07

Champion Jockey in Drug Scandal
By, Grey Sports

The racing world was shaken today by accusations of drug abuse by a jockey that may have enabled his surprise win at a London event.
Houston Welles, an American expatriate who has found a degree of fame in the United Kingdom and to a lesser degree Southern Europe, managed to place first in all his races during the Sunday event.
What makes this suspicious is that Welles has previously never placed better than fourth. Several near misses have robbed him of third, even second place. However he has long been regarded as a solid performer rather than a stand out jockey. Consequently this sudden win has caused quite the stir.
Naturally investigative souls turned up the possibility of drug use. Nothing concrete as of yet, simply Welles meeting with known drug dealers. Strong evidence certainly, not yet damning on its own.
Should this evidence be corroborated, then Welles faces forfeiting the prizes and money he has earned with this sudden win. Additionally it could irrevocably damage his reputation and career.
In the face of these charges some within the racing industry associated with Welles have noted a number of changes in his appearance and manner lately, mostly connected to racing, mostly disturbing.
Many have noted his increased hair growth, sporting a full beard when once he struggled with a simple moustache.
Additionally his weight has increased. While much of it was muscle any increase in weight is seen as deadly to a jockey, who must maintain a trim figure so as not to over burden their horse.
Additionally Houston Welles’ dress sense has undergone a radical change. Even for a jockey he has taken to wearing extremely bright colours.
Close associates of Welles cite these as nothing more than understandable personality and habit shifts after a traumatic incident involving the family dog and the shooting down of a light German aircraft by enraged zebra.
In order to deal with the stress Welles engaged in a rigorous training regime that increased his muscle mass and the amount of testosterone coursing through his body, explaining the increase hair.
Officials are not convinced; a previously mediocre jockey should not be suddenly winning races by seven lengths, without the involvement of a horse.
He should also not go from short chestnut brown hair to shoulder length purple within the space of a fortnight, most assuredly not when his shoulders separate and lower themselves by an additional ten centimetres.
Most are convinced something is afoot.
Consequently there will be a full and in-depth investigation as to what has transpired. If it is steroid use then the outcome is simple, likewise any newer, experimental drug that has not yet been legislated will result in dire consequences and the possibility of discussing options with celebrities wanting to cut corners or take the edge of the endless boredom of their fame and riches.
If it is a matter of training, as has been maintained all along then Welles could go down in history as a revolutionary figure, and possible millionaire should he make his training regime available to the public.


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