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Past sports article for the week of 3/9/07

Boxing… Women's Lib., or Darwinism?
By, Puns McKenna

Let's take a short gander at boxing and find out. In the beginning there was light… No! Seriously, in the beginning of boxing history we had an all boys club. And rightly so! Women weren't prone to outbursts that led to fisticuffs solutions. Not that they weren't capable, Lord knows, but delicacy was a strength.

Now as the years rolled by fisticuffs exhibitions became a looked forward to past time. More and more men were going to see the bouts. And what do you think came of that? Women got curious. Yep! That's right. Curiosity had struck again and killed that carnivorous little quadruped known as the cat.

More and more women began, secretly at first, showing interest in and watching boxing matches. As the years rolled on they became more openly interested in the sport. Though they more actively watched boxing, women's' involvement in the sport has gone largely unnoticed. With the exception of the eye candy that parades around the inside of the ring announcing what round it is.

In recent years, only the last decade, women have become even more involved. Now we have lady prizefighters roaming around looking less like women and more like mini clones of Lou Ferigno. Now I've seen many boxing matches. Kinda something you can't avoid when Mills Lane comes from your home state, but I digress.

Back to the point at hand. I've seen men and women both, boxing. Personally, being a woman, I prefer to watch ripply muscled, hairy-chested men get all sweaty in the boxing ring. It's a good place for them to get out all their testosterone borne inclinations. Besides… It's just disturbing to see women like that.

And another thing that most women tend not to notice in all this. Women athletes that make it a point to buff up and look like Lou Ferigno, tend not to procreate. So while boxing has become an equal opportunity sport, is it really worth it? Or are women beginning to practice Darwinism? I dunno bout anyone else, but I choose more than ripples, sweat, and machismo.


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