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Past sports article for the week of 9/27/06

Super Villain Games: Pure Entertainment Value

(Continued from world domination)

By, Puns McKenna

Word of the Super Villain decathlon reached the ears of Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman. He and several other Superheroes got together to figure out what was really going on. Alfred Pennyworth called Jimmy Olsen, and while the Super heroes were debating a course of action, they discussed a way to gather more info.

Jimmy volunteered to go into the viper's nest, so to speak. And gather as much info as he could. Four days later he came back with enough information to peg the location of the games. Latveria, the not so secret home of the devious Doctor Doom. The Super Heroes intrigued by this unprecedented event decided to go incognito. They just had to see the decathlon for themselves.

Many of the Super Heroes knew that their faces were too well known. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and others. So it was decided that the lesser known would go. Superboy, She-Hulk, Orgazmo, and Huntress.

When they arrived, Doctor Doom was in the parking lot tuning his jetpack. Looking like any spectators, they filed into the arena with a multitude of others and waited for the festivities to begin. By the time Joker had finished applying the super glue to the starting blocks, many of the Super Heroes were rolling in the isles.

The antics of Joker and Doctor Octopus were the highlights of the day. And they proved to be particularly good bedtime story material for the little ones at Xavier Institute.

Video footage that was taken of the events, though shaky, was analyzed thoroughly. It has been determined, through deep analysis that Super Heroes of the world have nothing more to worry about than the normal status quo. The next event is not yet scheduled, as it has come to everyone's attention that Super Villains need much time to prepare to cheat their way to the top.

So do Super Heroes need to worry about world domination? Probably not any time soon. And in the meantime, they seem to be getting the much-needed vacation that many rarely get. With entertainment to boot.


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