Poet's Corner from the past week.

Past bit of poetry for the week of 9/6/06

Musings from the mind of a child

By, Puns McKenna

I awoke that morning to clouds and rain. It wasn't the torrential rains of the desert, which I was used to, but a soft, gentle, misting. After breakfast I went outside to play. The peace and quiet of the woods seemed to beckon to me. Here there were odors I'd never smelled before. I recognized the sweet scent of sage, but I also caught the spicy scent of mold, old pine needles, leaves, and wet earth. With each new smell my curiosity grew. I'd pick up a leaf, a twig, a handful of pine needles, a bit of damp earth, and just to savor the aroma.
I saw colors there that I had only dreamed of. It was like the rain had washed away all the dust so the true colors could shine through. There were shades of green that were so bright even a crayon would match it. There were reds and browns and grays that only seemed to intensify the smells. There was a feeling of newness in the air that'd make you stop just to enjoy it.
Even the dim light from the overcast sky seemed brighter. When the rain had stopped the inhabitant's of the woods started coming out. There were birds and quail, and even rabbits.
If I sat very still and didn't make a sound I could see the rabbits hopping around, but if I made even the slightest noise the woods would go quiet and still. As I explored my surroundings I let the beauty of nature completely enfold me so that I felt completely at home in those rain swept woods. The peace was so complete that time just slipped away. Soon I felt as though I were in a world of my own.
The wood, was my own little kingdom and I was the gentle, loving queen. My subjects were the rabbits, birds, and quail. I made them burrows and nests, and imagined they could understand me when I spoke to them. The world was mine to command, and I did. I wandered farther into the woods to see what else I could find. In front of me was a large cluster of rocks. They were covered with moss. There was red moss, green moss, gray moss, and brown moss. The wet moss smelled musty and was soft almost springy when touched. And the colors were so vibrant that they made the rocks look like beautiful, wet jewels.
The rain soon began to fall again. I heard my mother calling me. Reluctantly I turned and started back to the house. My misty, little kingdom with all its little dwellers would have to await my return. As I slowly made my way back to the house I watched the rain wash over the land, and remove all traces of my being there. I was sad, but I remembered that when it stopped raining I would be able to come back and play.


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