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Past sports article for the week of 7/18/06

Le Tour De France and moreÖ...
By, Puns McKenna

You too can tour France as the manager of a cycling team. Cycling team, you ask? Certainly! Pro Cycling Manager 2006 by: Focus Home Interactive is the perfect way to tour France from the comfort of your living room or den. Simply purchase the game for a low fee and begin your hassle free cycling tour of France today.

And if cycling across France isnít your cup of tea, try International Cricket Captain 2006. Empire Interactiveís new game allows you to achieve glory on the country cricket circuit or in the international arena, all from the comfort of home. Settle back with your tea and biscuits and win your way to the top.

And for a more American flavor try Tony Hawkís Pro Skater 4. Have you ever wanted to skateboard, but just didnít think you were good enough to do it in public? Well now you can skateboard from the comfort of your easy chair. Rip some cool moves with this skaterís paradise. No criticism, no fear of failure, if you make a mistake simply start over and no one will know.

Or you could try the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, by: EA Sports. Donít have time to go put a few on the back nine? Donít have a clue how scoring works? No problem! Learn how to score, putt, shy balls, slice, and finally learn the secret that a golf birdie is not kin to the birdie you see on your windowsill.

Try your favorite sport today. Play it on the PC, PS2, PSP, xbox, xbox360, gc, wii, ds, gba, or even your mobile phone.

Techy terms for the average user.

PC- Personal computer
PS2- PlayStation2
PSP- PlayStation Portable
xbox- Sixth generation era video game console (Made by Microsoft)
xbox360- Souped up xbox with better graphics capabilities (Made by IGN)
gc- Game Cube
wii- Nintendoís Latest and greatest. Wii isnít this fun?
ds- Nintendoís latest hand held game console
gba- Game Boy Advanced
Mobile Phone- If you need an explanation for this, you earn a brownie point.


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