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Holy Heck! It's Holyfield Batman!

By, Puns McKenna

Yes sports fans that's right. Evander Holyfield has decided to box again. He's 43, and in his long career he's won 4 Heavy-Weight Championships. Is it time to hang up the gloves, or can he win his fifth Heavy-Weight Championship as he has stated? In November 2004, Evander's boxing license was revoked. Officials said it was because of diminished skills and poor performance. His License was revoked and he was banned from boxing anywhere in the U.S. by a poor medical evaluation. Holyfield has had multiple operations on his shoulders, which prompted his layoff, but he says that he still manages to get in regular exercise and has improved greatly.

According to Holyfield, he was stubborn in his youth and didnít give his body enough time to heal. Thatís what he says is the cause for his diminished prowess in the ring. But now, he says heís ready to begin the trek to the Heavy-Weight Championshipís. Heís ready to finish out this chapter of his career with a positive light. To end the greatest story never wrote, Evander would box his way to the top, once more. Heís already been labeled an over achiever, because he is the only boxer to win 4 Heavy-Weight titles, but Evander wants one more.

Five Heavy-Weight titles is an impressive sight, but when is enough too much? Can a man his age really win a fifth title? Holyfield thinks he can. He says heís fit as a fiddle and more than ready to fight again. But only time will tell if heís right or not.

As we all know age brings with it several pit stops and hang ups. As we get older we slow down, our reflexes aren't what they used to be. We have a tendency to misjudge distance and our coordination starts to fail. But can we fight of those effects with our mind and regular practice? And when is it time to give in and let the younger generation shine? These are all questions that Evander Holyfield should be asking himself. And on Friday night, August 18th, Evander may well begin asking himself these questions.

So Evander begins to train hard for his comeback fight in August, but can he beat the new blood that's out there? Well, everyone tune in to Fox News Net On Friday August 18, 2006 to find out if Holyfield can still cut it in the ring, or if he should just hang up the gloves and go home.


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