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After the US Election 2008
By Grey Politics (Tweaked by The Editor after being used a bit late)

We are now just weeks away from officially labelling George W Bush “Worst President Ever”, a title he has been given for some time now but can only officially claim once his replacement is in office, so let us examine, critically, the options we had this time around.
On the one hand there was a youngish, energetic, African-American, Hawaii raised Democrat, on the other was an elder statesman of nigh on indestructible fortitude firebrand Republican.
One appealed to women, ethnic minorities, liberals and anyone who thinks OJ did it but didn’t want to be considered racist.
The other was an old white guy. And there’s nothing better than being told what to do by an old white guy. Don’t ask why, it’s a Western tradition.
History was made with the election of Barak Obama, the first guy without a navy tattoo on his arm to be a Presidential Candidate, instead of by electing one of only twelve Vietnam Veterans who came back from the war alive, not maimed and not more than a little hinkey. The only certainty is that Obama will face tremendous challenges.
And without the benefit of Reality TV to make the choices easier some chose based on what little information was available.
Obama survived the brutal, often personal negative attacks of opponents in both the Republican and Democratic parties. Rumours still find truck that he is a Muslim, despite a three day ham sandwich eating binge that nearly caused his nipples to explode, and allegations that he has hung out with domestic terrorists. This last one is particularly damaging as domestic terrorists lack the prestige of association with international terrorists, something that helped Ronald Regan during his last election.
McCain however seemed to be suffer under age related doubts, at 72 most doubted he would be able to successfully run for a second term without critical dribbling that could short out nearby microphones during critical speeches.
At any rate the facts were simple.
Barak Obama may very well be the Black Kennedy. Possibly even literally, we don’t know, JFK wasn’t choosy and Obama’s grandparents loved him no matter what.
However it is entirely possible that he is left handed and therefore cursed in a number of respects. Like any rumour there is a great deal of conflicting information on this one, but it did not seem to impact the outcome.
The story that John McCain once laughed out loud during Pauly Shore’s “Biodome” may have well sealed the deal for Obama a believable option because we can’t let anyone that mentally unstable in the Whitehouse.
Unfortunately not many took the risk and wrote in a Biden/Palin ticket…but maybe a Palin/Fey ticket is just around the corner. Talk about double vision.

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