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Hilary Clinton Seeks Support Abroad, But Not Too Far
By, Grey Politics

We all knew the Clinton campaign for the Democratic Presidential Nomination was getting desperate when Hilary turned up wearing Bill’s old clothes in a desperate attempt to “look Presidential”, we also knew there was no depth she would not plumb in her attempt to discredit Obama, such as her shock revelation to backwoods Alabama voters that her opponent was black.
However, the sudden turn to overseas contacts for support and endorsement, in a race that hasn’t even reached the second round may backfire, as it leaves no reserves for the final and necessary push to the finish.
Relying on a bunch of her husband’s old friends isn’t the best idea anyway, as most have fallen out of power, died or opened Holiday Inns along major highways.
The list is long and boring, the upshot being that by and large Hillary is being forced to rely on friends and contacts made before Bill took the Presidency, even before he became Governor of Arkansas.
Aside from a few 60’s radicals who have mellowed out entered into the oil industry all that is left are the Canadian Mounties who helped shepherd Bill Clinton across the Canadian border to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War, and then back again when everyone was sure it was over, you know, when they started putting Michael J. Fox in those sorts of movies.
The support of Canadian Mounties has long been important to US Presidential hopefuls, who hope that by association the Mountie reputation for honesty, integrity, hard work, and not beating the every loving snot out of black people will rub off on to them as only the appeal of a non-US police force with horses, funny red coats, hats and spangly buttons can.
This is a risky, three edged move, it takes away later support if Clinton makes the nomination, it taints future Mountie support for Obama should he make it through, and there is the distinct possibility that tapping the Mounties this early in matters will limit their appeal to anyone in the Presidential leg of the race, no matter who gets in and no matter which party they eventually support.
For the moment the Mounties have refused to declare open support for Clinton. They are well aware of the risks and do not wish to squander their influence as the British Beefeaters did in prematurely supporting Ralph Nader in his first election. As a result the Beefeaters are political nonentities outside of certain parts of Italy.
Should the Mountie approach fail no one is entirely sure what Hilary Clinton will resort to next, having tapped such a potent resource there is little or nothing left to haul the failing campaign out of the ground short of an Obama scandal. Should Hilary even attempt to cross that bridge she would instantly lose Mountie support, who will not have their reputation tarnished by associating with a muckraker, just as they left John Kerry when he tried to tie George W. Bush to hobbyist puppy kickers. While it was true that Bush had kicked puppies as a child the attempt to use this in the late stages of the 2004 elections caused the Mounties to withdraw support altogether.

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