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Yahoo!: How do YOU connect?
By, McKenna

Most of us have Yahoo! Email or internet accounts, right? Sure we do! And why do you suppose that is? *chirp chirp* Any takers? I’ll tell you why; it’s simple really. Yahoo! wants to control the World Wide Web. They want to be the Head Cheese at the top of the scrap heap. But they don’t want you, the Internet surfing customers to know that. They hide their nasty subterfuge in carefully disguised employee lay-offs and downsizing schemes.
According to an article dated January 28th the CEO of Yahoo says the company is facing a strong headwind this year. Now with a total company employment of 14,300 people they’re planning on cutting loose 1,000 of them by the end of February. Certainly it will lower their outlay of cash and widen their profit margin, but what’s the real reason so many people are getting sacked? Spies!

That’s right, I said it! The people that are getting fired are suspected to be spies for both Google and My Space. What’s so important about Google and My Space? Well Google is the Top rated search engine in the world, and My Space is coming right up behind Yahoo. With the company predicting a much better year than last, what do you all think the change is? They found the spies! They found the guys that were leaking all the secrets or sabotaging the moneymaking projects, like Yahoo! 360, and now they’re “letting them go”.

So, given that these spies probably still have jobs with their company of choice, who do you thin is getting hurt here; Anyone; The investors? Hey, you’re right! The investors or stockholders are going to begin feeling the pain. Not to mention the poor reputation Yahoo is likely to get for canning so many people. Can we say Money-grubbing Super Capitalists out for their own profit margin, and nevermind the little people that have to feed their families? I knew we could.

Seems to me that Yahoo is on a slippery slope. And spies or no spies, it would seem like bad business practices to let so many people go just to increase the profit margin. I mean heck! They’ve been losing money for more than a year. Is it really going to do them any good, publicly, to let seven percent of their workforce go and still expect to make a profit? I can only guess at what some of the headlines are going to read, but I mean come on! It’s almost like, pardon the expression, pissing in your corn flakes.

Someone’s going to get mighty upset about being laid off or fired from Yahoo and it will turn into a media fiasco in a legal three-ring circus. It’ll be all over the news and Yahoo’s stocks will plummet and life will suck for them. All because they want to let 1,000 “spies” go. Tsk, tsk, tsk! Seems like a bad move to me but then I suppose that spying is a bad move too.

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