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Alf Skips Out On Cat Bill
By, Grey Events (Continued from Cats reject apology)

Just when it seemed that cats were gaining the upper hand in their battle for justice against former sitcom star Gordon Shumway they find themselves stymied by something as simple as national borders.
After last week’s press conference where Shumway’s true feline heritage was revealed the public largely turned against Alf and his life has become increasingly difficult.
Michigan has repealed his status as the state’s favourite son, former co-stars are denying all knowledge of his personal life, Jessica Simpson has stopped claiming she knows who he is.
Most websites that had been supportive of Alf have been closed down by their operators. Only the few extremist sites that didn’t care if Alf was innocent or not, indeed three were supportive of either cannibalism or the general eating of cats, remain open, and with greatly diminished traffic.
With this dearth of support it was assumed that Shumway would be bought up for trial and sentenced to one of those prisons seen on 60 Minutes where not only is he held in a small dark room, but forced to watch all of the American Idol audition tapes. Especially the ones with all the fat chicks who think they’re going to be the next Beyonce.
All in all an ironic twist considering that Shumway was until recently in talks to appear as a judge on American idol.
Instead Alf has cheated a fate worse than death by slipping out of Vietnam and into Saudi Arabia.
In a prepared statement Shumway’s lawyers announced that Alf was suffering from a rare degenerative disease that had become especially taxing as he has grown older. The move to Vietnam was less about the abundance and ease of cat consumption and more about seeking a warm climate. Now he finds he needs a dryer climate in a country with fewer extradition treaties.
When asked why they didn’t revoke his passport Vietnamese officials replied that they didn’t think anyone had to be told not to let a bipedal mutant cat with an aircraft carrier for a nose wanted for the second biggest trial since Mike Tyson sued Mike Tyson for defamation out of the country.
Cats are outraged, their influence is weakest in the Middle East owing to their support of Israel and the War on Terror (ostensibly because Osama bin Laden is a dog person). Consequently Alf is temporarily beyond their reach.
Fluffy Harris, the cat leading the charge, is adamant that this is a delay, not the end, that the case will go ahead at some point in the future.
“Alf has to leave Saudi Arabia sooner or later,” Fluffy vowed, citing Alf’s long history of lies and deception as proof that he will wear out his welcome before long.
In the meantime pictures of Gordon Shumway hanging out with Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton’s younger sister are hitting the tabloids. Along with talk of a revitalised career, perhaps a part in a new Michael Jackson video should there ever be one for the music world.
For now Saudi Arabia is Alf’s sanctuary.

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