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The Search for Atlantis XII: Almost an Unlucky Number
By, Grey Exploration (Continued from Episode: 11)

Iíll level with you, at first I thought the bender Iíd gone on was still with me, that Christmas and New Years had merged into one and I had burst through to the other side only to land squarely in the middle of the worst ever hangover since Alice Cooper dried out.
But no.
It turns out that Mister Moneybags had evidence of his own regarding Atlantis. Trouble was it only activated at midnight on a New Year.
Now my memory of events is far from perfect, what I can recall is that Moneybags pulled out this fist sized chunk of blue crystals (one of the Trekkies automatically yells out that looks like a dilithium crystal) and holds them up to the moonlight.
Now moonlight on the Mediterranean, that Iím sure of, you donít just forget that no matter how hammered you are.
Exactly what happens I donít know, I just see the crystals peel open like flower petals and shoot a beam of light out in front of Moneybags for all to see.
Naturally itís a hologram.
Amazingly the geeks are professional enough (none of them are drinking anything stronger than ginger beer claiming itís what Han solo drank) to quickly snap pictures before snapping off all sorts of theories.
ďAdvanced Atlantis technology.Ē
ďAlien mapping device.Ē
ďHoax, misdirection pointing us away from what we want.Ē
Those are the sane theories.
So now weíre off again, following a map of light after a disappointing encounter with Morelocks and what turned out to be a Trekkie summer project.
Iím not sure I can put up with this, though since weíre supposedly on our way to South America there is hope, a considerable amount of hope in fact.
If nothing else itís a nice area, another nice area.
And hopefully Brazil is not another Trekkie stronghold like Italy and Greece are.
Who would have figured it?
But no, the map clearly shows a section of Brazilian coastline, with glowy bits in the ocean and along the coastline.
Iím hoping no one points out that if you connect the dots it makes a smiley face.
The nerds are excited, the hunt is on and success may just be around the corner. Though after our last discovery Iím thinking theyíre just as excited by the possibility that theyíll run into another massive diorama.
If Iíd had my way I would have finished with this assignment, but my boss tells me I have to keep going.
Guess who just bought out my publisher?
So Iím on assignment for Mister Moneybags, chronicling his adventures to out do other millionaires by hanging around with nerds
Why did I sober up?

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