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News article for the week of 11/26/05.

The Search for Atlantis VI: I Canít Believe It
By, Grey Exploration (Continued from: ep. V)

For once Iíll start with some good news. Everything I write about this time happened while actually searching for Atlantis. Thatís right, weíre actually doing the job we set out to do. No messing about, no science fiction conventions, no Star Trek actors or part there of, no complaining about the ever shifting code names, no complaining about what we should be doing while watching an overweight, balding mammaís boy dribble over three strands from William Shatnerís third toupee.
The bad news is that there will be complaining.
Not about method though, a month combing nine square kilometers of the Mediterranean seabed, at a location equidistant from Sicily, continental Europe and North Africa is boring, dull and to be honest I would be very surprised to find out if there was any group out there capable of handling it better than these people.
Yeah, Iím still talking about the same group Iíve been following this whole time.
No I donít believe it either but itís true.
While sensor data was being gathered and analyzed individual theories were put aside in favor of pure analysis. Everyone picked up something someone else missed, what everyone thought was irrelevant compared to what the information presented.
Star Trek and Babylon 5 related rivalries were still present, though reserved for what little waking free time there was, and was actually quiet. That they broke up otherwise dull meal times was actually a relief more than anything else.
The discovery of what might be an island, were it just a few hundred meters off the seafloor at any rate, with what might be ruined buildings has to be the only real, on the job discovery we have made so far.
Iíll admit to being more than a little annoyed that as a mere journalist I was not allowed to accompany the exploration team of scientists, benefactors and token expendable security personnel. I guess the guy whoís supposed to be writing everything down just wasnít important enough.
Even considering what happened Iím still annoyed.
The whole reason we hired guards was in case we were attacked. Not just the ďnightmareĒ scenario of technologically advanced form of fish-people, there are pirates, militants, and hostile wildlife in some of the areas we visit.
And yes, every now and again the group needs protection from Doctor Who fans.
I can honestly say, however, that the ďnightmareĒ scenario has not yet eventuated.
What did? Morelocks.
At least thatís what I told they were. Subterranean, devolved or evolved depending on who you ask, remains of a future human race. One that is supposed to live under ground or at the center of the earth or something like that.
Somehow they were waiting for the exploration team, fully equipped with scuba gear.
From the future.
I know itís wrong to blame the geeks, sure they love science fiction and there is no way their activities could have engineered this.
However since Morelocks canít understand English it was far more constructive to shout profanities at the geeks rather than the Morelocks as we fought for our lives against the cannibalistic monsters.
Luckily we only lost a few security extras, and I suppose this is the progress Iíve been hoping for, and we have other options to explore since itís unlikely that this truly is Atlantis.
But Morelocks?!?!?!

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