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News article for the week of 10/22/05.

Criminals do the dumbest things

LowJack Losers

By, Officer Mac

I was working some overtime the other day at a hotel that houses some of the Hurricane evacuees. I was talking with another officer when the Lowjack unit in her car went off. We were parked in the lot facing a street that runs east/wet and the lowjack unit showed the hit coming west bound straight at us.
We called the hit in and go the information on the car and sure enough, here it came, right into the parking lot of the hotel and parked, where we were able to grab the three occupants (without a pursuit). What they had done was steal the car, then go on a little spree of shoplifting to pay for a little dope. Unfortunately they were evacuees. Their housing and food need will be taken car of courtesy of a different state agency for a while.

Events based on actual occurrences. Names have been changed to protect the ignorant.

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