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News article for the week of 10/17/05.

The Search for Atlantis V: Weve Actually Done Something!
By, Grey Exploration (continued from ep. IV)

Believe it or not for once we actually have something to report that involves Atlantis and not some geek related squabbling, bickering or nonsense. We seriously have evidence of Atlantis.
Now, brace yourself because this does start with some insipid geekery. We were in Miami chasing down three cast members of Babylon 5 and rumors related to Serenity . . . Yeah, Ive been with these guys too long when I know exactly what it is theyre trying to do.
Anyway, we were doing some celebrity hunting, because everything about Atlantis is science fiction related, when we came across this silly little shop selling antiques. It was very much like a scene from some stupid movie, which is why we did it, going inside was so corny it appealed to the nerds.
No Im not using the code names, Im calling them by my code names, theyve changed their own names often enough that Im just tired.
So anyway we go in. Trekkie was keeping an eye out for the slightest bit of memorabilia, spending most of the time staring at a giant ball of lint that was either a used Tribble or one of Shatners hairpieces.
Solo actively looks for anything George Lucas or Mark Hamill might have touched, all while eyeing up some statues creepily.
Goth Wannabe is the one who actually sees it. Amazingly she knows what shes talking about when pointing out an ancient hunk of stone that shows both African and South American elements.
It could have been a knock off but Trekkie shows his stuff by pointing to indicators of age. Wed need to test it of course.
Moneybucks buys us this thing and all of a sudden were on the trail of something.
Now objects with elements from both major southern continents are frequently considered indicators of Atlantis, presumably located somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, the theory being that refugees spread in both directions and ultimately bought their own styles with them, hence things like pyramids in both locations.
Now Trekkie has been a proponent of this theory from the beginning, however until now there has never been any motivation to actually do anything. Were actually coming up with a plan for searching the three most likely Atlantic locations for a sunken island with some sort of satellite.
We need more evidence of course and D&D comes up with the idea of searching certain areas of Mexico, partly because its a logical starting point and partly because the terrain is more hospitable.
Moneybucks still wants to consult a psychic, and we probably will at this rate, but Im actually seeing these people do real scientific work.
After cornering several actors that is. That sort of thing just had to come first.
Nonetheless were making progress, its amazing. For once I dont utterly loathe these nerds for wasting my time, I still dont like them, only now I feel as if there might be some sort of story here!!
Someone warn me if I start sounding like Grey Space did in the end, please.

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