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News article for the week of 6/30/05.

Criminals do the dumbest things.

Great Socks of Fire!

By, Officer Mac.

I made a quick traffic stop last night only to find the driver had numerous traffic warrants, he kept moving around a lot and I had originally gotten him out of the car because I smelled Marijuana. After a while, he started yelling and hopping around and saying he was on fire. Sure enough, I looked down to his right foot and there was his sock, smoking and smoldering. A quick yank on his shoe and sock and I discovered that my AP (Arrested Person) had stuffed a half a lit joint in his sock without bothering to put it out. Good thing he didn't light up the ounce he had hidden in his underwear huh ? Another one for the books.

Events based on actual occurrences. Names have been changed to protect the ignorant.

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