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News article for the week of 6/19/05.

The Search For Atlantis: Ep. III -Can We Get Started Already?
By, Grey Exploration
(continued from ep. II)

The quest to find Atlantis has take a turn for the mediocre recently with what many in the team are considering a concerted effort to destroy the expedition. That would be really funny because aside from sitting around, drinking cola and arguing the expedition hasnít really done anything of worth or note.
I mean really, the most exploring weíve done so far is finding the best pizza place in Seattle.
Okay, maybe Iím being a bit unfair. There has been a lot of data collected, and we do need to sort out likely locations before we go anywhere, itís just smart. Comparing continental coastlines is dull work, and comparing the coastlines of various islands is not much more interesting.
However I should mention just what happened to make everyone think weíre under attack by mysterious, conspiratorial forces that want nothing more than to prevent Atlantis oriented secrets from getting out.
A building collapsed while we were in it.
Itís not as bad as it sounds, we were in Italy to go over some historical records that couldnít leave the country and there was a Star Trek convention on.
Well, since weíre probably the biggest concentration of nerds this side of Silicon Valley itís hardly surprising that everyone attended. It was fun, if difficult to understand for those of us not fluent in either Italian or Klingon, however Star Trek conventions are almost universal things. Including gimmicky stupidity.
For some reason that I still havenít learned the ceiling was made out of pasta.
It rained.
So now you know why Iím less than sympathetic to the idea that someone was trying to assassinate us.
Nevertheless the seven core members of the team, myself unfortunately included, have opted for codenames in an effort to protect them, ourselves.
I donít know how this happened, and itís really frightening when you consider that some people are sure we started out with eight members, and others six. That sort of argument just cranks the paranoia wheel.
So now, as we begin going over sonar readings for the Mediterranean, weíre known s Fox, Hawk, Batman, Kirk, The Captain, Warbucks and Mister Negativity.
That last one is mine because I said that this whole codename idea was just ridiculous. And it is.
Every day Iím here I wonder just what Iím doing. However there is hope that something, anything will happen soon, because the petty squabbling has moved to the ďput your money where your mouth isĒ stage and excuses of assassination attempts are beginning to lose effect.
So please, stay tuned to this glorified ďSurvivorĒ episode consisting of nothing but nerds, because Iím sure that someone is going to be fed to sharks very very soon.

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