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Board Game Review

‘Say Anything’ better at mind reading than the psychic hotline

By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

Using what you know about your opponent to win is a strategy as old as competition. Being able to correctly guess and win works pretty good too and this is proven by another offering from North Star Games.
In their latest board game they take a page from “Wits & Wagers” where you get to bet on the most likely answer, though this time the answers can literally be anything that comes to mind. The questions are included as with any trivia type game, but it gets a fresh spin because you never can tell what someone will come up with. “Say Anything” blends the creativity of both the producers and players of the game, making for hours of goofy fun.
The game, which can be played with as many as eight people, is not at all difficult and starts off with one player asking the rest their personal opinion from a list of questions on each card. After all the answers are written down on dry erase pads the question asker picks his/her favorite and then the betting begins.
The players each have two tokens to bet with and will try to decide which answer the asker has chosen with the Select-O-Matic 5000. One can either bet both tokens on one answer or split them up between two different answers and this allows players to score as many as two points and the asker as many as three points. Then the role of question asker is passed to the next player and this evens out the odds after a maximum of 12 rounds.
As long as you aren’t horribly distracted by the bizarre answers each round, the game can be played in close to half an hour. I’m still partial to “Wits & Wagers” as far as the offerings by North Star Games, but this comes pretty darn close.
This is also another game where you don’t have to be a genius to come out on top and that’s what will keep it among your friends night after night. I highly recommend this as something to add to anyone’s collection and give it props for being appropriate for a broad age range. For allowing me to mess with other gamers in a whole new way, I give “Say Anything” four out of five giggles.

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