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For the week of 10/9/09

Board Game Review

Wits & Wagers really is the trivia game for everyone

By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

I share a common trait with much of humanity in that my brain can hold a treasure trove of useless facts, which may or may not help me in a competitive setting. Some of us could win a gold medal in answering questions with these facts and the rest of us vary from so-so to never should appear in front of a studio audience.
When I played the Xbox Live version of this game I was thrilled to find something that was both fun and did not drive me away with difficulty. I would have been fine and thought it was the ultimate trivia for all until I finally snagged a copy of the board game that inspired the digital release. “Wits & Wagers” goes beyond simply knowing more than others and throws in enough luck to balance it out for everyone else.
North Star Games deserves every positive accolade it has earned so far because it finally invented a trivia experience that cannot destroy fun. Everything you need to play comes in the box, including dry erase pens to write with as well as answer cards and this challenge is perfect even if you are rushed, since it can be played in half an hour or less.
Now I was a little squeamish when I found out all the answers are numerical, but breathed a sigh of relief when I found out guessing can win it for you. As few as four or up to 20 players can participate in a game and with seven questions a contest you can get in more than one try if you decide to make a tournament out of it. Like the Xbox version as long as you are closest without going over you can rake in plenty of fake moolah by placing bets on the answers you make yourself or other players (and with two separate bets possible the odds may indeed be in your favor).
The game says ages 10 and up can play, but as long as you can get your little bugger to participate and not eat the materials the game might as well work for all ages. The makers of this instant classic also have you covered if you happen to get bored with the 700 included questions (100 game cards with seven questions each) with a recently released 700 question expansion pack.
The only thing missing now to complete this dynasty of inquiry would be a TV game show and a movie where Chuck Norris and Bruce Campbell team up to beat down the zombie mafia with the spear of trivia. That’s right; you can make checks payable to me when it goes # 10 at the box office. For showing me a great time on the table without the awkward police questioning afterward “Wits & Wagers” earns five out of five gurus.

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