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For the week of 8/29/09

Really Pathetic CD Review

'Manticores and Owlbears’ a fitting tribute to basement geeks

By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

Parody comes easily when the subject of said punch line is a sad, lonely little person who refuses to leave the world of fantasy. Actually turning said spoof into something funny and worthy of praise from unwashed material is another thing entirely.
Dan Marcotte (otherwise known as Dan the Bard) achieves this mission of geeky laughs in his upcoming CD “Manticores and Owlbears” and should have something even for those who have only barely heard of Dungeons and Dragons. Heck, this CD might even have you rolling the dice yourself before you realize it. Just don’t tease the Lich.
If you haven’t heard of Dan (don’t worry I’m a newb to his stuff too) he basically takes the old fashioned style of musical storytelling and uses more modern elements. He’s been around a renaissance faire or few and at least when it comes to gaming he has researched his material well.
Again, it is important to note that the more involved in the gaming world you are, the funnier this selection of tunes should be. Yet, being a casual gamer myself, I still found the silly selections worth more than a chuckle and good for singing along to after a while. Mind you, where you sing along is important to consider especially when you get to the dismembering numbers.
Some of my more favored jingles on this upcoming CD are “Screw You DM,” “The Drunken Gnome Illusionist” and “Pete the Polymorpher.” The first of those is more of a tribute to those who have had one too many adventures ruined by a jerk Dungeon Master and the others are just plain fun songs that will tame even the gruffest of hippogriffs.
Overall I am pleased with the CD and highly recommend it for those who enjoy classic and witty humor (Let’s face it, not every joke has to be about annoying the hell out of certain segments of the population). Why if I only had a lute myself I might follow in his merry footsteps for my own site, without tights of course. Then again, maybe my viewers have suffered enough.

The official CD will be released in September, but you can download the tracks now at http://shop.store.crystalunicornenterprises.com/category.sc;jsessionid=C2329360A1CF44C27E2DA9D0DE5AC141.qscstrfrnt04?categoryId=2 for a decent 99 cents per download. You can also find his influence at Phoenix Lore (http://www.phoenixlore.com/), an online magazine, where he is the resident bard.

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