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For the week of 7/20/09

Pac-man, The Movie- first details revealed

By Cozmic

The Pac-Man movie rights were sold to production company Crystal Sky back in 2004, who were hoping to turn Namco's 1980 arcade smash-hit into a revolutionary movie that would change the way we see movies by combining live-action and special effects in a way we've never seen before.

Well, the first details have now been revealed, possibly to get people's minds off the Asteroids movie. The movie will star a young Pac-Man, played by 37 year old Wentworth Miller, who goes clubbing, suddenly getting sucked into a world of evil men, cherries, and pills he simply must eat to give him the strength to beat up these evil, but loony, ghosts, the classic Inky, Binky, Pinky and Clyde. And of course, while he must try and find his way out of the frightening Night Club maze, Pac-Man must also try to win the love of a girl named Pepper, a name fans of the cartoon will recognize as the first name of Ms. Pac-Man. Nobody is as of yet scheduled to direct, but supposedly talks with M. Night Shyamalan are in the works, which means the script will probably get a few more tweaks to “make this story as compelling and fantastic as it deserves,” according to Crystal Sky CEO Steven Paul.
Industrial Light and Magic are already confirmed for the special effects, which should mean the movie will look amazing, as Pac-Man tries to overcome his drug addiction, win the girl, and eat ghosts dressed up as alternative rockers in long robes, all while being on the lookout for fruit to devour because fruit at least contains valuable vitamins.

While only the role of Pac-Man has been cast, as Paul said the movie really hinges on having a fantastic man to deliver such classic lines as “Wakka wakka!” and “Wakka wakka wakka!” rumours are that talks are already ongoing with Kirsten Dunst to star as Pepper, and Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey and Vin Diesel as the ghosts, although other sources cite the ghosts will be entirely CG but voiced by Jack Black, Mark Hamill, Hugo Weaving and, surprise surprise, Drew Barrymore. Obviously, they barely have a clue on how to handle some aspects of this.

Exactly how this is supposed to be a feel good movie and still deal with topics like drug-addiction and also be kids-friendly is something that will leave people guessing until it finally hits release, but at least Swedish audiences will have no problem with a hero doing massive amounts of drugs, considering Swden's great childhood hero Bamse, who takes anabolic steroids his granny supplies him with to beat up black people (You WISH I was joking!.. even I wish I was joking!), but other nations might have a bit more of a problem with this. Or with the existence of a Pac-Man movie in general, seeing as how this is such a rich franchise, going on thirty years filled with intriguing backstory, and just how one can add all of this into a single movie has all the fans worried.


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