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For the week of 7/1/09

Bargain Bin DVD Review
“My Name is Bruce” proves Campbell’s campyness is as strong as ever
By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

Article also published at http://www.fuelltothefire.com

Possibly the most unshakable truth in the Universe is that no matter which one you watch, a Bruce Campbell movie is going to be terrible. Many fans know this truth, accepting it for the horrifying reality that it is and on some levels embracing him as a god of cheesy cinema (though we’ll keep it a secret just so his ego doesn’t burst).
I am one of those fans that lives for the occasional bad flick, often turning to his unique acting abilities so at least I can quickly throw away the regret. His most recent release is right up there with the rest and even a classic in some ways. “My Name is Bruce” returns us to what we groaned most about in previous flicks with plenty of laughs along the way.
This particular film in a way follows a similar path where he is a hero, taking on a way over the top villain. The element that sets this adventure apart (in some ways makes it one of his better offerings) is that he is spoofing himself and the messed up movies he’s been a part of.
This time he plays Bruce Campbell, the actor, who feels his life has been mostly wasted in moments of god aweful special effects. He is stuck in yet another terrible role when he is kidnapped by Jeff (Taylor Sharpe), an obsessed fan, to save the town of Gold Lick Oregon (sadly this place really exists), from Guan-Di (James J. Peck), a Chinese protector of bean curd. Though he is truly a jerk, Bruce must decide if he will remain one or stand up for what is right.
“Evil Dead” references abound throughout the whole thing, which is a nice tribute to what really got his “career” going. I might not have even found out about this if it weren’t for Netflix, which would probably be your best bet for getting this title just in case you don’t want to throw down cash for your own copy.
Though not quite as crude as the horror films which normally crap up theaters, it’s probably a good idea to keep this title for adults only. Other than that I have to say this movie was just plain fun and works for a quick campy viewing. For reminding me why I enjoy his brain numbing works “My Name is Bruce” deserves three and a half out of five boom-sticks.


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