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For the week of 5/13/09

‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ for Wii another typical movie promoter
By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

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While not all movie adaptation of video games are lost to the bargain bin, most just are not worth the tribute they pay to the flick. This particular title from Activision is not one of the great must haves, but in some ways strays enough to pass more than a few fun hours away.
Then again that’s all this title is really good for because after several hours there isn’t enough excitement to warrant playing it again once you have beaten it. But, if you loved the film characters this is another way you can extend the laughs for just a wee bit longer. “Monsters vs. Aliens” for the Wii is pretty much a button masher through and through.
Featuring those whacky creatures Susan, B.O.B, The Missing Link and Dr. Cockroach P.H. D (as well as others recognized in theaters) you basically play a game that seems to in some ways deviate from the silver-screen plot, but is similar enough that it’s not a big change. One of the biggest differences between the movie and the game is that in the movie the characters wait until called upon and the console you try to escape at first.
The game does have a RPG element to it with upgradable abilities as you progress through the game (other unlockables also like concept art also pop up) and if you need backup you can play with a friend who zaps baddies from a first person view. This game is appropriate for all ages and in some ways is even tamer than the movie, which works if you are ultra conservative. To put it simply, there is not a lot to be wowed about here, but for being at least rental worthy I give “Monsters vs. Aliens” for the Wii three out of six toggles.

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