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"Pirates: Hunt for Blackbeardís Booty" an average on the yarr scale

A Wii Review
By Ezra Mann

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In the grand history of video games, there have been a few offerings that allow you to walk the digital plank to yarr town, but not as many as those darn ninjas. Why only recently was the conflict between the two forces allowed to make an appearance on consoles and it didnít even reach across all devices.
Well fear not me buckos, for the pirates have another offering off the port bow this time on the Wii console. There arenít a whole lot of options as far as number of games, but those offered are at least somewhat tolerable and donít have that rushed developed feeling. So grab your scabbards and wave those Wii-motes in ďPirates: The Hunt for Blackbeardís BootyĒ ya salty sea-gamers!
In this party game from Activision, buccaneers of all ages can play against three computer opponents or duke it out against the human variety. You can play in a few pirate themed games that remain the same, but change courses as you beat them, including squid ball (basically pirate croquet) sword fighting and treasure hunting.
As with many party games itís a lot more enjoyable with people, but you can only unlock items in single player, which still is an irritating feature no matter how fun the title is. You have several characters you can be, even a skeleton, and if you are bored enough you can unlock several more. Itís a game that you will at least be able to make an evening of, but not much more than that.
In other words, if you want a good weekend rental then it will provide enough entertainment, but donít count on it being something you play for years to come. There is nothing inappropriate for wee corsairs, so you should be safe, though you will still need to do your part to prevent scurvy.
The thing that would have made this a real keeper is if new games were unlocked instead of the same games with different environments, but even the scene changes are tolerable. In any case, you could make a much worse purchase. For an ocean adventure that wonít make you sniff the socks in Davy Jones locker ďPirates: Hunt for Blackbeardís BootyĒ earns three and a half out of five toggles.

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