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Article for the week of 11/19/08

'Little League World Series Baseball 2008í for Wii offers new control and good times
By Ezra Mann

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Just because Americaís past time is currently on hiatus does not mean one has to completely give up getting a fix until the next season starts. There have been odes to baseball on consoles from the beginning though thankfully weíve come a long way since the early days.
One of the latest to hit shelves is a title that takes advantage of the Wiiís motion sensing technology, which gives gamers an almost innovative level of control while playing. This offering also gives us a chance to go back to our earlier years and experience the pint size perspective. ďLittle League World Series Baseball 2008Ē is both fun and a challenge that will please from hardcore to the casual sports enthusiast.
In this game one can actually feel like they are throwing different kinds of pitches or using types of swings when they step up to the plate. This battle of the wee all stars can take place in a exhibition game, quick game, custom game or World Series mode in six innings per matchup.
There are a few stadiums to choose from and features teams from all over the globe including the Southwestern United States, Japan and Mexico. There is also training, which was somewhat frustrating, though informative enough to be tolerable and if you didnít want to play a game you could take on challenges including the classic home run derby as well as horse. If you can get past the creepy kid eyes, this battle of the ball will provide plenty of chances to lose track of time.
I know itís pretty much moot, but it would be nice if Nintendo would do something to make games like this online friendly to add in that much more win. That aside, Iíd recommend this title if you dig loading the bases in something appropriate for all ages.
Iíll give props to Activision for keeping it simple and not adding a lot flash to our nationís sport, even though the accuracy of pitching is a bit too skilled for something that is supposed to represent most kids. Again I have to say itís a fresh approach that should not leave many disappointed and how can you go wrong when you donít have John Madden as your spokesperson? For an effort thatís sure to not strike out on your console, I give ďLittle League World Series Baseball 2008Ē for the Wii four and a half out of six toggles.

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