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Article for the week of 7/16/08

Hollywood marches on California Department of Forestry like a Backdraft gone wild!
By, Puns McKenna

Ok we’ve all seen the haze hanging over the western sky. The red sun rising and setting each day has hidden the bloody truth from the world. Dry lightning about a month ago started thousands of fires. The air quality slowly began to deteriorate across the West and the glamorous folks had to break out the canned air. Not a big deal since they already have things like canned laughter. But the truth of the matter is, the air quality is a LOT worse than the news lets on.

We all remember the movie Backdraft, don’t we? Some of us with fond memories and others with not so fond memories right? Well, imagine that the California forests were a giant building where there are many doors. Behind all of these doors is a fire. And each time you open a door you get not only a blast of inferno heat air, you also get your eyebrows singed off by flames licking through the door.

So the quality of air and life has been dropping drastically since the fires were started and people are angry. On Friday it was revealed that members of Hollywood society traveled to the department of forestry’s main office deep in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains. One would think that it was some sort of impromptu film festival, but Park Rangers know differently. They’ve seen the Green Acres style pitchforks and rakes being rattled at them.

When they were interviewed, several of the Hollywood socialites stated that their concerns were actually genuine. If all of the forests and landscape in general are destroyed then they won’t be able to make any more films on location. It is true that that would be a shame if the landscape were destroyed. But is their reason really a viable one or a superficial one?

I believe in the preservation of nature’s wonders. Well, not that precisely. It’s more that nature not being destroyed for the all mighty dollar is what I prefer. Surprisingly tough, I think that for once Hollywood and I agree. These fires are devastating the countryside. Not to mention making it super hard to breathe. So it would seem that Hollywood actually has a genuine cause.

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