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George Lucas to honor the late Tim Russert
By, Cozmic

George Lucas has stated his intent to honor the late host of Meet The Press, Tim Russert, with a sci-fi trilogy, about a man who hunts for the truth and asks tricky questions to high ranking political men in the galaxy about current issues. Lucas has said the first movie will be about a crazy trade-embargo, and then the hunt for a missing tax-form which caused the whole mess. Naturally, the movie will contain a lot of witty repertoire, politicians eating their own forgotten words and so much computer generated graphics that the Final Fantasy movies will probably pale in comparison (and there's not a single thing not made by a computer in any of those).
The most shocking part of the entire thing, however, is that Russert himself will play the starring role, thanks to the nerds over at Industrial Light and Magic.
“Yeah, we took a bunch of old footage from various appearances, edited it and made a three-dimensional mesh which we then clad with a very lifelike texture and now we have Tim Russert in a movie.” Originally the model Russert was going to be voiced by an obnoxious young man with a voice-changer, similar to the last scene with Vader in Revenge of the Sith, but relatives managed to convince Lucas to just cut up various dialogue and run it through a computer about a million times to make it seem natural.
Concerns about just how George Lucas will manage to make this a somehow tasteful trilogy are pretty common, especially with a title like “Star Journalist: it's totally not really Star Wars” and the fact that Hasbro are already ready to deliver the action-figures -one of which is a frightening old man that is also half-cyborg and is running for the galactic presidential post, and another who is a totally evil old man, but also comic relief, who is already galactic president- does nothing to ease them. The giant walking robots do, however, look very cool, as do the spaceships, even the Pressmeet, our heroes own ship, who's main feature is two chairs for talking and asking the questions the people want answered, and a camera, to make sure the people get their answers.
Other tie-ins, such as a Lego Star Journalist game, guaranteed to get every game-critic in the world hooked to collecting stuff, among other, less qualitative interactive products, is said to be on the way as well. It is obvious Lucas is thinking he has another fortune waiting to happen on this trilogy, but one has to ask himself if he perhaps does not do it at least a little out of respect for Tim Russert, a man who always asked the questions the rest of us wanted to, except the really foul-mouthed ones.
“Well, yes, I respected Tim as much as everyone else did, and it also gave me a chance to play with more CGI and tell a really great story.” We hope he means the first part of that sentence as much as he seems to mean the second.

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