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Article for the week of 6/9/08

Hard Rockin’ Daddy of the Year!
By, Puns McKenna

That’s right, Daddy K-Fed is finally getting recognized for that which he is supposed to do. I have to admit that he does have the wherewithal to want to provide for his family. A very rare prospect in today’s Hollywood is to want to provide for your family.
So our hats are off to Kevin Federline. And girls I recommend that be the only thing you take off for him. I mean look at his track record. He’s got four kids, two with his former girlfriend Shar Jackson and two with his ex-wife Britney Spears. And the two with his former girlfriend are two years apart for crying out loud. And now… now the man has a new girlfriend. Talk about hip hop.

I just have to ask why he’s being considered ‘Daddy of the Year’? I mean has he been there totally for his kids? Has he provided a complete home for them? Does he take his oldest to school? Does he coach their sports teams?

I could just see him now. His three sons and his daughter, Britney and Shar all piled into the family station wagon and him driving them down to the Grand Canyon for a vacation. Wouldn’t that be a sight? I can hear it now. “Daddy K-Fed? I have to go to the bathroom!” Or this one… “Daddy K-Fed, Kori won’t stop touching me!” And then of course the two dames have to get into it. “Kevin, you’re driving too fast!” and Kevin, don’t swear in front of the children!”

It’s a Small world afterall… Now if he were actively trying to give his children a loving home. If he were with one or both of his formers (i.e. Britney or Shar) then I could maybe see him getting Daddy of the Year. It seems to me that he’s doing more to promote the love em and leave em strategy than the lets make this work and be a family strategy.

Now don’t get me wrong. Irreconcilable differences are a hard thing to overcome. But what are his kids going to grow up believing? That it'’ okay to get with someone get them pregnant or get pregnant by them and then walk out? He’s got a great ideal to want to provide for his family, but he’s missing one incy-wincy detail. Money isn’t the only thing you provide for your family. Time…love…active participation… Not this “we’ve had a fight I’m going to drop you like a hot rock” attitude.

So should K-Fed get the Daddy of the Year? I doubt it. But you know, now that I think about it… That really isn’t what he’s getting. He’s getting an award and recognition from cronies that think his behavior is the norm. It’s a societal hoorah. There’s no real meaning to it. Okay, so you dad’s of the world that are making a difference in your children’s lives. Hooray for you!

And since we all know that this thing…this farce with K-Fed getting this phony award is going to be televised and reported to death upon. Go ahead and watch it. Y’all deserve a good laugh.

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