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Article for the week of 1/6/08

Hollywood Steps Out with the Politicians…
By, Puns McKenna
As we come down to the wire, politicians are getting desperate for the votes. Among the leaders and apparent Democrat celeb favorites are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Big surprise there right? Not really. Hillary has been in the spotlight since her husband, former president Clinton, had Monica Lewinsky under his desk. Obama doesn’t really seem the type to pander to the socialite scene but then it shouldn’t be too out of the ordinary. Afterall he is a Democrat. And we all know what Dem.’s in this country are like. A bunch of hoity toity socialites with too much time on their hands and no acting ability. So they should feel right at home in Hollywood, shouldn’t they?
It seems that because they can pander to the people better than the rest of the nominees you only see Barack and Hillary these days. With them pandering to their constituency in Hollywood now, it makes me wonder just how long it’s going to be before the “Hillary Clinton: How Bill Aced my Hole” comes out. I wonder if they’d get Hillary to play herself or not. That could be very scary. They could even get Obama to play an extra. Heck, we could probably get all of the candidates to play a part.

And then we hop the line to the Republicans. Now here we have a real stellar cast. Rudy Giuliani… Every good politician should jump on the Ronald Reagan bandwagon. You look Giuliani up in the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and you get a long list of movies and television shows he’s been in. He knows how to be a showman. Mike Huckabee seems to be doing pretty good as a showman too. Got to get in there and act like you know what’s going to be your outcome.

You can tell from the length of my diatribe that most Republican’s appear to be more of the silent film type with the exception of Giuliani that is. So we’ve got our basic types of Hollywood pandering going on. In your face gotta be the star talentless hacks and quietly confident deliver the lines on cue.

So now, with the political year looming before the U.S. we have dozens of Gala’s and posh penthouse parties. The type of events where money flows freely and only the social-lete’s are allowed to attend. Glitz, Glitter, and gallons of alcohol are the staples of the day for these folks. Sounds like a smashing success and a perfect way to get Hollywood in the good graces of our future president.

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