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Article for the week of 11/30/07

It’s Christmas time and time for a carol
By, Puns McKenna
Wait! What do you mean it’s still almost five weeks till Christmas? You’re kidding, right? No? Well shizam! Then why the heck are the radio stations playing the Christmas music already? Oh, that’s right. They want us to be so burnt out on Christmas music that they can start playing their regular fare before the holidays are over.

In my hometown, Reno, NV we began hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving was over. Of course we start hearing the occasional Christmas song about Halloween. Yeah, I know you can see it now, right? Ghosts wearing Santa hats and curly-toed shoes singing Christmas carols. A cute image no? Not really, at least I don’t go for the eerie dead singing in screechy cat voices.

Though I have seen one rendition of an eerie graveyard Christmas. Yeah, you know that Jack Skellington guy? Well every year he and his friends take over the Haunted Mansion down there in Disneyland. They gather together with all the ghosts and throw a huge Christmas bash. It’s a bit fun but a little overdone at times. Kind of the over the top tastelessness that ghosts of yore have.

Anyway, the radio stations are already bending our ears with the sounds of pealing bells and crooning ghosts of their own. Gotta love the music by “Old Blue Eyes” and that crooner Perry Como. Let’s not forget some of the other favorites like Burl Ives, Julie Andrews, Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire… and the like. I could list and name artists for hours, so I thought I’d show just a few of my favorites. Oh, and if you didn’t recognize the title of this here article… look around and find a copy of Karen Carpenter singing “Christmas Time.”

I suppose we should all get with the spirit of Christmas and the program our children set. So pull out those old stop motion Christmas movies, pop some corn and gather round the TV to enjoy a quiet evening together. And have a Holly Jolly Christmas…. This year!

And remember to spread that Christmas cheer throughout the world. Play your Christmas music until next July.

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