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Article for the week of 11/19/07

Tis the Season to be Giving….
By, Puns McKenna
That’s right it’s time for giving thanks again. Turkeys and hams, stuffing and yams; Don’t forget the pumpkins and pecans.

Everyone knows what Thanksgiving is all about right? The Food! No wait, that would be what we all eat on Thanksgiving wouldn’t it? Well I’m sure we’re all thankful for such wonderful meals. But let’s look at what we all do on Thanksgiving. We gather together with family and friends right? Well normal people do at least. There are the occasional oddballs that like to work through Thanksgiving. Of course there are those that HAVE to work on Thanksgiving. But at least they get to spend some time with the ones they love.

So take a look at what you’re planning for Thanksgiving. Are you hosting the gathering this year? Are you bringing a pie for everyone to enjoy? Are you a designated cook? Do you get to carve the Turkey? Mmm… carving the turkey now there’s a fun thing to do. Just think of it. You’ve just pulled the steaming hot turkey from the oven. The skin’s all nice and golden brown. The juices are flowing through the cracks to make for wonderful flavors. Now you’re pulling out the chainsaw…er…electric carver. You plug it in, turn it on, and now a change occurs. You go from being the mild mannered cook to being Hacksaw Harry with your electric carver of doom.

That high-toned buzz just does something crazy to your brain. You feel the changes happening and are powerless to stop them. You must hack away at the bird before you until there is naught but bones left. So after twenty or so minutes of enjoyable butchery, you switch the carver off and lay it to the side to survey your handiwork. You slowly become your normal self again and arrange the turkey on a platter. Taking the drippings you make the gravy for the boat in the middle of the tray. Off you go to enjoy your nice homemade turkey dinner and no one ever knows your torrid little secret.

So now the dinner’s done, the guests are all sleepy and relaxed. Whatever will you do with the rest of your evening? Will you sit around talking? Will you sit around and play games? Will you sing songs and tell stories before a crackling fire? Wait! I have to add a caution, to that last one. It is never a good idea to build a fire in the middle of one’s living room floor. Now, that said whatever will you do? I know it isn’t a very popular concept these days but let’s get down to what Thanksgiving is really all about. Being Thankful… Yeah, boring concept I know. But bear with me for a bit and you might be surprised.

Being thankful can be fun. Think about this friends. You’re thankful for the usual things like friends and family and good food, but what about the other things in life? Thankful that it didn’t snow on your way to work; Thankful that the kids didn’t fight this morning; Thankful for one more day that you’re alive. See? You can be thankful for anything. Sometimes it’s best to just be thankful for the important things in life. The people you know the places you’ve been the things you’ve learned. So stop and take a moment this Thanksgiving to thank whatever creator you believe in for all the wonderful and not so wonderful things in your life. And have a Happy Holiday.

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