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Article for the week of 10/31/07

What do Super Heroes Wear for Halloween©
By, Paul Mann (Editor and Pie Baron)

A very good question came to me one hallows eve
As the day quickly wore on.
I wondered and wondered with all of my wit
What on this day would super people don.
We all know what they would wear
As they leapt through the air
And saved Dans and Damsels in that great quest
But darn it I kind of would like to know
Would they wear a different kind of vest?
Would superman go as Clark Kent,
That newspaper man so plain?
Would Spiderman go as Peter Parker
And photograph his Mary Jane?
How about Batman as a strapping Bruce
Or would that be too boring a suit?
Would Wolverine retract his claws as Logan
And use a knife to cut all his fruit?
And what about guys like Hellboy
With no identity to conceal his face?
Would Nightcrawler just stay home
Avoiding with all his Wagnery grace?

Then again I suppose they could go as themselves,
Who would ask with everyone dressed up?
The most they’d be confused for is overzealous adults
Taking candy instead of a coffee cup.
Of course, they’d have to be careful not to eat
Too many sweets for sure.
Else a villain with cunning design
Against a sugar high hero more easily lure.

But that only raises more questions
On this most spooky of nights.
Now I’ve got to wonder what villains
Would wear to make wrongs for the rights.
Darn you Halloween.

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