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Article for the week of 10/9/07

13th Annual Video Gamers Open

By, Puns McKenna

Dateline Indianapolis Indiana- 9 October, 2007.

Hello there gaming fans. This morning, video gamers from all around the world gathered to watch or participate in the 13th Annual Video Gamers Open. Reigning champion, Kyung Han of South Korea sat proudly at his console awaiting the starting buzzer. Age 32, Kyung has been playing video games since he was a teenager. He only began open competition seven years ago, but has climbed, shot, and fought his way to the top of the video gaming heap. Having master several games, he is now trying his hand at the Halo 3. With the game relatively new to the market, many are worried that Mr. Han won't be able to hold his title.
Halo 3, the video game of choice entered the gaming market on 25 September, 2007 to the joy and delight of millions of fans. The release of Halo 3 also sparked the sales of Xbox360's worldwide. The reviewers have said that Halo 3 is as simple to play as Halo 2. Players from around the world are more than ready to prove or disprove such a claim.

The doors to the Indianapolis Convention Center opened at 8 o'clock this morning, admitting video gamers and fans alike. As the floor was filled with throngs of eager fans, reporters filled specially designated areas with video monitors. Tension was thick in the air right from the start. The gamer from Sweden objected to being seated next to the Gamer from Belgium, and nearly caused a huge brawl. When equipment was brought into the fray, officials decided to seat the two gentlemen at opposite ends of the exhibit hall.

The American, Canadian, and Mexican contenders sat together laughing at the difficulties of the other nations. It was nearly an hour before the various delegates from around the world were happily seated and the master of ceremonies was able to step up to the microphone. A dais had been set up in the center of the room, and allowed for a complete view of all competitors.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the 13th Annual Video Gamers Open. We will begin our proceedings in just a minute, but first I would like to welcome our returning Champ Mr. Kyung Han from South Korea. Mr. Han please rise so that all the delegates will know who you are."

Mr. Han had risen and bowed to nearly everyone. And after a few more introductions, mostly the remaining judges, the televisions were turned on and game boxes were warmed up. The opening game, to loosen up the players was a variation on Pong and Tetris. It was an interesting mix of the classic games. Stratagem and mindless diversion melded into one to create a perfect training tool.

Several hours into the gaming cycle, a break was called. Medical personnel, standing by determined that it was important to pause every few hours so that gamers could relieve themselves and stretch their legs. I know this reporter was glad to have the break. The gaming became rather intense about two hours in, and remained so.

By the end of the night, the delegates from Sweden, Denmark, and Mexico were ahead. Over the next four days the lead changed hands several times. Near the end of it all, the delegate from South Korea was in second place, following closely at the heels of the delegate from Canada. With two days left in the gaming competition, it looks to be a pretty safe bet that Canada's delegate will win it. Our own American delegate is somewhere near the twentieth spot.

Update- Dateline 10 October, 2007

In a stunning turn of events, the delegates from South Korea and Canada got into a fight this morning. And the delegate from the United States made a surprising and meteoric rise to the number one slot, followed closely by the delegate from Sweden. The winners will be honored this evening at a gala dinner.

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