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Article for the week of 9/8/07

Stardust a Fresh Breath of Fantasy Storytelling
By, Ezra Paul Mann (Editor and Nerd Ambassador)

In yet another year where Hollywood has released more than its fair share of crappy movies, there seems to be at least one or two gems worth adding to personal collections. Of course, if you looked at the overall box office revenue you might be fooled into thinking that 2007 could be one of the best years ever. We’ll just brush under the rug that whole movies cost more to see than they have in previous years and the lie will be complete. In any case, I know of one movie through and through that I feel deserved every penny of the ticket price. Open up your hearts and minds for Stardust.
This particular dive into the fantasy genre centers on two worlds separated by a wall where no one is supposed to cross from either side. One crossing later and we have the perfect setting for an adventure right on par with the likes of Lord of the Rings. Featured without a doubt is a digestible amount of true love, magic, mayhem, lovable characters and overcoming that “unknown adversity.” There is that happily ever after feeling, but it feels fresh unlike the been there done that of so many recycled attempts. Dare I say it, but there might just be hope for the pickiest of moviegoers. (Strong emphasis on that might)
When the story first begins we follow Tristan’s (Charlie Cox) somewhat misguided pursuit of a wealthy young lass by the name of Victoria (Sienna Miller). In a desperation move to prove his love he promises to cross the wall to bring back a fallen star. What follows is a glorious journey into a land filled with danger, deception and just a bit of hilarity. Other characters worth remembering include the fruity pirate Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Niro), Fallen Star Yvaine (Claire Danes), evil witch Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer), a trusty wall guard (David Kelly) and a crafty narrator (Ian McKellen). The rest is for you to fully enjoy.
This movie had everything it needed to make me an instant fan and I highly recommend it to anyone who at least once in their lives enjoyed a fairy tale. This fresh breath of movie making moved along at a good pace and promises to keep audiences glued long after the last kiss. Bravo to the director, cast and especially the writers for a true masterpiece. Goodness knows we need a distraction or two from how unfortunate real life can be. In the end I gladly give Stardust a spellbinding five out of five wishes.

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