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Simpsons Movie well worth the ďDohĒ
By, Paul Mann (Editor and Disturbed Team Captain)
It was bound to eventually happen at one point or another on a timeline which some of us doubted existed. I mean, can you blame the fans for laughing when someone suggested that one of the most popular television shows of all time would actually get a movie beyond speculation? Well, after 18 seasons we finally saw the yellow menace give Hollywood and most of Washington D.C. a good kick in the blockbuster balls. Thatís right America and those other countries weíve royally pissed off; Springfield is now more than a half an hour away. Welcome to The Simpsons Movie.

As a Simpsons fan from my early wise acre years I was going to see this movie whether it sucked or came off as an orchestrated masterpiece of comedy. Thankfully it was the latter. Instead of walking away from the successful formula of the television show, the movie stuck true to form and paid tribute to the best parts of these celebrated couch potatoes. Homer was perfectly stupid, Bart didnít shy away from his usual tricks, Lisa outsmarted everyone else, Maggie stayed cute and Marge nagged her way back into guilt town. Of course, trying to stuff in every surviving character didnít hurt the overall effect either.

I could end the review right here and be perfectly satisfied, but I know some of you stopped playing solitaire to read, soÖok. The basic gist of the movie is a tale of environmentalism gone berserk, with just a side of semi apocalypse. The town of Springfield almost ceases to exist, thanks in large part to Homerís overzealous dedication to doughnuts. Yet, because we canít live without Spider Pig, the day must eventually be saved. And I canít forget tasty Alaska. (MmmmmÖ.. no place like Nome)

In the end, The Simpsons Movie was more than worth the buckaroos and I recommend it to all those who even remotely find the show worth watching. It had all the elements that are needed to make comedy gold from light hearted parody to biting satiric sarcasm. This flick is simply too much fun to avoid. Why if you donít like this movie Iíll shave a penguin and dip it in lemon juice. For an excellent movie watching experience I that will definitely join my DVD collection I give The Simpsons Movie Five Whoo Hoos out of Five.

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